Popular Pets And The Costs You Need To Consider

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Are you thinking of getting a pet? Whatever the reason, getting a pet is very rewarding. They can fill your life with lots of happiness and joy, and can be great company. There is one downside to having a pet, though and that's the price! Even if you find a cheap animal to buy, you will still need to pay to maintain and care for it throughout its life. Here are some popular pets, and the prices that come with them.

Possibly one of the most expensive pets to own, horses will need a lot of maintenance. The RSPCA states that there is no one 'perfect' way to care for all horses and ponies (because every animal and every situation is different) but it's down to you to ensure reasonable steps are taken to meet all it's needs. This will include a suitable 'home', unless you own an enormous plot of land with stables you'll probably need to rent a stable which will be expensive. Plenty of grass and roughage to graze on, grooming and cleaning. Always be sure to purchase horse insurance, if you don’t your vet bills will be through the roof. Unless you have a lot of time to spare, you could consider doing a 'share' of your pet where you split the responsibilities with someone else.

Dogs are such rewarding pets but they take a lot more time, money and energy than you'd probably think. Be 100% sure you can handle the commitment before taking the plunge, and work out if your current lifestyle is suitable. Ideally you will have a good size, safe and fully enclosed garden- while some dogs can live happily in flats be aware that this will involve taking them out many times throughout the day which is extremely time consuming. If you're someone who likes to travel or stay away from home a lot, it's probably not the best time to consider getting a dog. If you just take an occasional trip or holiday you can board your dog at kennels, prices vary but they can cost up to £20 per dog per day so definitely not an option for the frequent traveller (as well as the fact regular kennel stays is something that will disrupt your dog and not be enjoyable to them). Other expenses to consider are food, bedding, leads, toys, treats, vaccinations, flea/ worm treatment and possible visits to the vet. 

While cats do still need plenty of human companionship, they're much more independent than dogs which makes them ideal for most owners and households. They're just as happy in a flat as they are in a big house (providing they have their own space to hide and retreat), they don't need to be walked or trained and are generally low maintenance pets. As they're smaller than most dogs, cats tend to be cheaper to feed and in general they don't need as much equipment as dogs do. Although you will still need to budget for flea and worm treatment, food and potential vet costs including vaccinations. 

Small Mammals
If you're short on space or are after a smaller pet, small mammals like rodents, guinea pigs or rabbits could be the way to go. The cost of the animal itself isn't too expensive, although you will need to invest in a suitable hutch or cage, bedding and their food. Providing they're kept in same sex pairs or groups, most small furries won't need neutering (rabbits are often neutered before being sold at pet shops) and so that's one cost you probably wont need to worry about. Different rodent varieties and small mammals like this will all require slightly different care, so be sure to do your research beforehand so you know what to expect.

Exotic Pets
Pets such as lizards, tarantulas, and snakes are all classed as exotic pets. The main cost when it comes to these types of pets is their living space, you'll need to buy a special vivarium to keep them in as well as all of the lights and other set up required- this will keep them at their optimum temperature so that they can survive in non-tropical climates. You'll also need to buy special food, some pet shops will stock food for exotic pets although you may need to look online for it. This can be quite expensive, especially in the case of pets that will only eat live insects! While these are not the kind of pets I'd go for personally, if you're after something a bit more interesting than a hamster or gerbil they could be for you!

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