Changing Directions: Starting A Career You Love

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Depending on your age, it is possible that you set out on your career because you were unaware of the options ahead of you or, because we didn’t have the tools to make your dream job a reality. Maybe you are a keen photographer, or a tortured artists, perhaps you write every second of your spare time or have realised you posses brilliant PR skills. It is never too late to reconsider your options and with the help of the internet, easier travel solutions and the skills you have learnt in your current career, you may find switching paths is easier than you think.

It is really important you are sure you want to make a change. Especially if you are considering something in the arts. It is a hard industry to crack and whilst various websites have made it easier to self promote or sell, such as etsy for crafts or blogging for writers, there is a lot of competition so try to build up a profile before you quit your job. You may find the industry harder than you imagined. If you think you have a flair for a different type of job, such as PR or Marketing then you will need the help of a good recruitment agency. They can help you identify any transferable skills from your past job and to brush up your CV to make it more relevant to the work you want to do. A good agency will also have loads of contacts ready and waiting for new recruits. 

You may have to accept a bit of a knock to your salary at first. So it is vital you know the minimum amount you can earn without getting yourself into debt or becoming all work, no play because you cannot afford a social life. Work on a good budget and plan then research expected salaries in your chosen field and within your area. If you can’t make the two work then you may need to reconsider your options. Don’t let it stop you though. Be direct and honest with your salary expectations. Tell your agency, if you are using, the lowest you can go and then talk to any potential employer to see if they can accommodate you.  A simpler way of swapping careers could be to cut down your hours at work and take on a part time job. This could give you a boost on your CV and help you balance the finances during a full time change. Even taking a Saturday job in your new field in a volunteer capacity will be useful in changing paths and will show new employers you are serious and committed.

Finally, don’t let age worry you. While there are lots of bright young things out there as competition you actually have the edge on them when it comes to proven ability. Even if not through the same industry. You will have references and a more complex CV. Employers know what they are looking for and they realise potential when presented with it. So be confident and sell yourself!

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  1. You should neve be afraid to start over if you are really passionate about something.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking