Iron Fist- Lacey Days Handbag Review

A stock photo of Iron Fist Lacey Days handbag

Today I received my lovely new 'Lacey Days' handbag from Iron Fist, woohoo! I did a bit research on this bag and read quite a few reviews before buying it; despite it being love at first sight, this just isn't my usual style at all. Usually I go for quite classic, feminine bags and so something with a huge black skull in the middle is definitely out of my comfort zone to say the least. I do still think that it's really pretty though, and worn with my usual style of clothing find that luckily it doesn't make me look like a fourteen year old goth kid. I'm actually glad to have something a bit different because it saves me from carrying around yet another boring plain white or black leather bag.

I know there are people out there who'd find this to be a bit big too for a daytime bag, but I love the size. I like big bags as I basically carry my whole life around with me, and so something that can fit everything in without too much of a squeeze is always something I look for. I think the striped bow is a really nice touch, and love the black patent base and handles. Because of the length of the handles this isn't something you can wear over your shoulder; the straps are short and designed to be worn hooked over the forearm. Although this isn't something that bothers me personally, it's definitely something worth thinking about if you're considering buying this bag.

This is a reasonably big bag, but there aren't many compartments to be able to neatly organise things inside, other than three tiny inside pockets that don't hold much the whole bag is basically one big compartment. This is a huge no for the inner organiser in me- I love having everything nice and neat and so I've ordered a handbag insert/divider from ebay; hopefully it will save me from having to rummage for what I'm looking for. Another thing which let me down slightly was that the design is actually printed onto the material. Maybe its just me, but I was envisioning a layer of black lace?

All in all, I'm more than happy with this, the quality seems to be good and it is reasonably priced at £38. I'm aware this style wont be for everyone, as I have mentioned it is something a bit different to what I would usually pick myself. If you're a bit more daring, there's also a red version.

Do you like slightly more unusual handbags? Or do you stick with safer choices?


  1. Great post, I generally have quite dis-handbag organizerbut I do also carry round a measuring instrument and a listing of measurements of varied nooks and crannies of my house just in case} I come across the right thing on my travels, glad I'm not the sole one!