My Accessories Collection and Storage

I love accessories, just by adding a few bracelets or a pair of earrings you can really perk up a plain outfit and make it look much more exciting. I've been obsessed with costume jewellery since I was about thirteen, but it's only been the last six months to a year that I've managed to build up a collection. I must have owned hundreds of necklaces, earrings and rings over the years, but being young and careless meant that they all seemed to get broken or lost along the way. Throughout my student years I moved from house to house too and always seemed to lose a load of stuff, so I'm sure that didn't help either. At the beginning of 2012 all I was left with was a necklace or two and a few pairs of earrings, getting dressed up is no fun without a selection of accessories to choose from! Since finishing university and moving into my own permanent home I've invested in some nice little storage pieces so that I can keep my accessories nice and tangle free, I've gradually bought things here and there and now I have enough pieces to go with pretty much every occasion and outfit. I'm still picking up new things all the time too so I'm sure this will look a lot different in twelve months time. Now that nothing is being lost or carelessly broken I don't mind buying new things and having something to show for it! The way I have everything stored means that I can easily pick out exactly what I want to wear at a glance, and putting things away is just as easy.

Photo of my necklace collection and storage
close up photo of my necklaces collection
some of my favourite necklaces from my necklace collection
I honestly think you can never have too many necklaces. I'm always on the lookout for new and different pieces because I just think they're so fun and can completely dress up or dress down an outfit. The shabby chic hooks were really inexpensive from eBay and keep everything perfectly tangle free. I think they'd look lovely in any bedroom, and because they're hung up on the wall they don't take up much space which is one of the main things I was looking for. I'd estimate that this would hold around a hundred necklaces, and although it looks a bit hectic at a glance nothing at all gets tangled. I love long necklaces, and usually go for one with an unusual pendant on the end or long strings of beads.

photo of my bracelet collection and storage using a three tier bracelet holder
close up of my bracelet collection and storage
Photo of mix and match bracelets, arm candy, my favourite bracelets

To store my bracelets I use this black tiered bracelet stand. The top row is mainly my chunky statement pieces, the second row are the types of bracelets I'd add to a statement piece and the third row are charm bracelets, pieces I've made or miscellaneous bracelets. Most days I grab one from the top row and a few different ones from the middle row like in the bottom pictures.

Photo of my earring collection and storage
Photo of my daytime and evening earrings

My earrings are displayed on two acrylic earring stands, although I wouldn't recommend them if you have quite heavy earrings, I'm going to replace them with something else. On one stand are my more sparkly going-out earrings and the other are my more casual earrings. I don't wear earrings every day because I usually have my hair down, but my daytime choices are usually some light dangly earrings, feathers or studs. If I've got my hair tied up I'll always have a pair of earrings in.

Photo of my ring collection and storage
Photo of my ring collection

I went back and forth about how to store my rings, because I don't have a whole load of them I found the ring display box I was using was taking up uneccessary space. I eventually went with storing them in this martini glass and I love how it looks, I can easy pick the one I want to wear and it hardly takes up any space at all. I also think it looks really cute stood with my other jewellery. You can even get unique looking glasses which I think would be perfect for storing rings. You can fit a good twenty to thirty chunky rings in these little glasses too so they're deceptively spacious!

If you're a lover of jewellery but always find things are getting lost, broken or tangled I'd definitely recommend investing in some good storage. There are so many different types, and regardless of your space and budget you should be able to find something that keeps your jewellery nice year after year. Standard jewellery boxes are generally not designed for chunky costume pieces, so it's worth having a look around and seeing what will work for you.

How do you store your jewellery?


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  2. You are very organized! I need to get with the program. I spend hundreds of dollars on accessories and I get so upset because they get all tangled in my accessory drawer--I'm gonna take a page out of your book and find a system similar to what you have here…. great idea.

    Maya D