Confession Time! Before I Got Into Beauty.....

This post is a confession, and I hold my hands up- before I really got into beauty I used to be guilty of these things. Some of them are pretty shocking, I look back now and wonder just what I was playing at. My (feeble) excuse is that I was a naive and carefree student; luckily I learned the errors of my ways, and corrected my bad habits before I turned into a haggard old spinster. Here are ten things that I never used to do...(forgive me!)

1. Properly remove makeup before bed

Being a student and out drinking a lot would mean rolling in at 3am and passing out without a second thought to taking off my makeup. I think everyone has been guilty of this at one time or another, but regular late nights meant regular panda eyes in the morning that would take ages to scrub off. Luckily I didn’t wear all that much back then- just a bit of foundation, mascara and eyeliner, although I still cringe looking back. I always go through a full skincare regimen before getting into bed now, and for those one-off late nights are a pack of makeup remover wipes in my bedside drawer.

 2. Moisturise and prime my face before foundation
I used to wonder why my foundation would fade quickly and never last on my skin for very long- on bad days it would actually show up flaws rather than hide them. To create great makeup looks you need a good base to work with; applying moisturiser first and priming with a good foundation primer does make the world of difference.

3. Stick to a good skincare routine
My overall skincare routine used to consist of slapping on any old moisturiser (usually highly scented and designed for the body) on my face and body after a bath, but that would be about it. My skincare routine now includes different cleansers and exfoliators depending on how my skin is feeling, toner, eye cream, day and night cream and weekly face masks. All of my skincare products are carefully chosen, rather than just using any old rubbish just because it’s there.

4. Use correct makeup tools 
Before I started reading beauty blogs and watching beauty videos on Youtube, I thought that using a sponge tipped applicator was a perfectly acceptable way of applying eyeshadow. It was only when I started using brushes and understanding how much more diverse they are when creating makeup looks that I realised how useless those little sponge tips were, and I absolutely hate them now. Before I got into beauty I just didn’t have a clue about brushes, I suppose it’s not really the sort of thing people know about extensively, unless they’re in the beauty loop.

5. Throw away mascara after three months
This wasn’t me being lazy or unhygienic, I just  didn’t know you were supposed to throw mascara away after three months. I know there have been times in the past when I’ve had tubes before for a lot longer than three months and have used them until they've gone dry. I always chuck mine at the correct times now, because I've usually got a load lined up that I’m waiting to try it’s not so bad.

6. Be aware of use by dates on makeup
I was completely unaware that these things had to be thrown away after a certain amount of time. It seems obvious now thinking of the germs that could breed, but is just something I never gave a second thought to. I’m much more conscious of this now, and if a product started looking dodgy I'd throw it straight out. Powder products like eyeshadow blush, face powder and bronzer generally last for a long time, whereas liquidy products like foundation and lipgloss you have to be more careful of. Surgical spirit in a spray bottle is a good way to keep makeup products germ free, and a quick spray every few weeks is all you need.

7. Wear lipstick
Before I got into beauty, lipstick is always something I associated with old ladies. I was very much a lipgloss girl, and never looked twice at lipstick in shops especially bold colours. Things couldn’t be more different now; I love my bold lipstick and barely even touch my lipglosses, they just seem so pointless with their lack of colour and staying power. My everyday lipstick is a bright fuschia pink, which I would have never dreamed of wearing before.

8. Look after my hair
Even though I used to damage my hair horribly with peroxide, heat styling tools and glue in hair extensions I never did much more than wash and condition it with regular high street products. I honestly couldn’t understand why my hair wasn’t growing,  I never even used to use any kind of heat protectant. I look back and wonder if I was deluded or just in denial about how badly I was treating my hair. Once it was bleached with fresh new extensions glued in, the damage wasn’t noticeable so I suppose it was easy to convince myself that it wasn’t too bad. On the rare occasions that I use straighteners now my hair is always well coated in a heat protectant, but usually I try not to put any heat on it at all. Because my hair is naturally straight and I wear clip in extensions, I don’t need to mess around straightening it anyway. I use a deep conditioner regularly, and actually take steps to try and improve and look after my hair.

9. Use the correct products formulated for my skin and hair type
Gone are the days when I would put any old body lotion on my face, and whatever shampoo and conditioner was on offer at the supermarket. I always buy hair and skin products that are formulated for my needs because they do so much more of a better job. It seems so obvious now that buying face cream designed for dry skin and putting it on my oily skin is going to make oiliness ten times worse, but for some reason that never clicked in my teeny tiny brain before.

10.   Enjoy applying makeup
I've worn makeup since I was about fourteen, but before I used to wear it just because I needed it not because I necessarily thought it was fun. My makeup bag contained pretty much the basics: foundation, mascara, eyeliner maybe a lipgloss or two. The rare occasions I'd wear eyeshadow it would just be a solid colour over the lid, and despite being horribly pale I hadn't worn blush or bronzer in years. I love experimenting with different coloured smokey eyes now, different lip colours and highlighting and contouring my face. 

Did you used to do any of these things? Surely I can’t be the only one ;)


  1. I loved this! I hope you don't mind but I've made it into a tag as I thought it was such a great idea. Check out my blog for more info if you want!

  2. I was also guilty of most if not all of these! X x

  3. I wish I could talk about those mistakes in the past like you are:-( I'm still guilty of some of them, and your post has just reminded me how it is!!! thank you, Stacey!

  4. I found you through the beautylish (awesome site because I found your blog!).

    You got a lovely site here with personality, I'll be visiting more often, friend. <3


  5. I didn't do any of those things either, but I can't say I've becomed so much better - wopsi ;p xo

  6. Haha, I love this post! I'm definitely guilty of a bunch of these... I still have trouble parting with mascara after only 3 months! It's so hard to just toss it, but I've gotta learn to be strong, right! Hehe :)

  7. Love this post, and they area all try for me too! I probably still don't always practice what I preach at times ;) Great Blog!


  8. oohhhh yeah almost all of these....i still sometimes don't properly take all my makeup off before bed....oops. lol great blog!!

  9. I am very guilty of at one time doing all of these things My biggest regret is that I didn't take care of my hair, now its in much better condition :)