Ten Things That Every Handbag Should Contain

ten items that every woman's handbag should contain
Looking to become more organised in your day to day life? One easy change you can make is to organise your handbag- it's such a simple yet effective way to make sure you always have what you need each time you leave the house. Take a look in your handbag right now, what exactly are you lugging around with you? Remove all of the receipts, half eaten snacks and general rubbish and replace with these essentials!

 1. An Umbrella
So many bad hair days could have been saved if I would have just carried an umbrella. Can you honestly think of a worse start to your day than spending an hour styling your hair just to get soaked at the bus stop, and turn up to wherever you're going looking like a drowned rat? Travel size or compact umbrellas can be kept in your bag without contributing much weight, and can save you from situations like this.

2. Tissues/ Wipes
Lets face it, public toilets arent always the best. My advice is always have your own supply of tissues, they'll always come in handy. A small pack of wipes are great if your hands get sticky or dirty and you cant get to a sink right away. 

3. Hand Sanitiser
Whether you want to quickly eat something on the go or just top up your makeup, using antibacterial hand lotion first will stop you from spreading germs everywhere. It's well worth getting in the habit of using this regularly when you're out of the house, from door knobs to trolley handles and elevator buttons, everyday things can be teaming with germs which you'd probably rather not infect yourself with!

4. Makeup Bag
It's definitely best to keep this to just the essentials, because in my experience piling a load of makeup into your bag can cause it to get very heavy very quickly. Concealer, powder and a daytime lipstick for topups should do just fine- leave the ten different lip colours and your best smokey eyeshadow at home because you're probably not going to need them if you're just popping out to the shop.

5. Compact Mirror
As great as makeup is, its definitely high maintenance and something you should be checking on if you're going to be out all day. Don't get home at the end of a long day to realise your immaculate bold lipstick from this morning is now all over your cheek and your mascara is all over your face. People might not be kind enough to point it out!

6. Mints
We all like to be minty fresh; if you're eating lunch out of the house it's nice to know you can freshen your breath after. Especially if you know you'll be speaking to people face to face after...

7. A Pen 
Never be caught short in those 'does anyone have a pen' moments. This could be anything from scribbling a message to someone on a post it note, or writing a birthday card at the last minute. I just love being organised, and not have to scrabble around asking to borrow things like a pen when it's so easy to throw one in your bag.

8. A Purse & Change
Carrying enough money for at least a phone call from a pay phone, or enough for a bus if you were ever stranded or lost is a good idea. It might not seem all that likely, but if it were ever to happen you will be glad you came prepared. What if your car broke down and your phone was out of battery? Or you took a wrong turn in an unfamiliar place? A credit card wrapped in duct tape is an idea I read recently which I thought was great. Too much effort to remove for impulse purchases, but could still be removed if you were stuck and really needed it.

9. A Spare Key
If you're ever locked out of your house or car, the chances are you'll still be carrying your bag.  Get an extra key cut and put it in a safe pocket in your bag or purse. If your regular set ever wonders off or you forget to put them in your bag, it's spare key to the rescue.

10. Medical Essentials
If you have a condition that means you rely on regular medication, or know that you can't see without your daily contacts or glasses it's always going to be handy to keep some spares in your bag, it's always going to be handy to keep some spares. Some simple organisation can save you so much trouble. Even if you have a condition that's not particularly serious such as hayfever or indigestion, having the right tablets with you will mean you're a lot more comfortable throughout the day.

What are your handbag essentials? Is there anything you never leave the house without?