My Top Five Nude Lip Products

I've been having a think recently (that does happen occasionally, believe it or not) and decided that I'd start doing regular 'mini favourites' or 'top five' posts like these. I'm always finding new products that I love but wouldn't necessarily do a full review on- otherwise I'd be hammering out reviews like no ones business which I think would get dull pretty quickly. My current obsession at the moment is smokey eyes and nude lips, and so I thought I'd share five of my most loved nude lipsticks; I think this will be a really pretty as part of a bronzed look over the summer!

Mac Hue
Hue is one of Mac's cult lipsticks, just about everyone owns it and it crops up time and time again on Youtube and blogs. It's a glaze finish so is quite sheer and glossy, and is also a bit more pink toned than the others making it easier to wear. I haven't reached for Hue as much over the last few months just because I've found so many other nude lip products I've loved, but I'm definitely going to start coming up with more looks that feature this beauty.

Rimmel Apocalips Nude Eclipse 
I had to restrain myself from buying every shade in the collection because there were so many I liked the look of, but I do think they're a bit overpriced. I love the opacity and how they have the finish of a lipstick, but the staying power isn't much more than that of a regular lip gloss. Nude Eclipse is a gorgeous shade though, and if this runs out at any point during the spring or summer I'll surely run out and buy it again. Because it's glossy it's much more forgiving than the others on any lip dryness, I just wish it lasted a bit longer.

Kate by Rimmel Shade 26
I wrote a review post a few weeks ago about this lipstick, I like it a lot. This is one of the most opaque nude lipsticks I own, it leans very beige without any pink undertones which in theory sounds like it'd be a complete nightmare to wear. But it's surprisingly wearable as long as the rest of your makeup is right, and think overall the Kate lipsticks are some of the best on the highstreet.

Revlon Lip Butter Creme Brulee
There's no doubt that the Lip Butters are disgustingly overpriced, but as far as the product itself goes they're quite nice really. They don't moisturise like they claim to, but the sheer colours are easy to wear and definitely seem to be the preferred finish for lipsticks at the moment. Colour wise this is like a sheer version of Kate shade 26- more of a beigy nude with no pink undertones.

Dainty Doll Baby Love
I have three Dainty Doll lipsticks in varying shades of nude but this one's my favourite. I find it to be just the perfect colour that gives a nice nude finish without completely erasing the lip colour. If you haven't managed to get your hands on these from Fragrance Direct yet it's definitely worth checking regularly to see if they're back in stock.

What's your opinion on nude lipstick? Cute or corpse?


  1. they are cute.
    I love the color of shade 26.
    That suits you so well

  2. Thanks for sharing these! What gorgeous colors! :-)

  3. I really love MAC's nude lipstick called High Tea. It's really pigmented with a glossy finish. However I do have to be careful with nude lipsticks because of my olive skin, I don't want to look like I'm wearing concealer on my lips. He he

    Toni xx

  4. love the dainty doll one!x

  5. I love these nude colors. I don't have nice teeth so I don't wear heavy lip color. These would work on me.
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  6. I love Hue and Champagne on Ice, prettiest colours! xx

  7. I love how the Revlon lipstick luks on u..lovely collection btw

  8. Thanks for showing how these look when applied on the lips. Makes buying decisions easier! :)

    Becky xx

  9. Sometimes I like the nude lipstick, and sometimes I want it brighter. These look great!
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  11. All are such pretty nude colours, nice collection! I think nudes can only go wrong if they are so thick & heavy and are waay lighter or the same colour as your skin tone. MAC's Myth can look a bit like that on me so I have to do quite a strong blended lip line for it to work.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, following you now through gfc & bloglovin!

  12. I'm really into nude lips at the moment - I've got one of the Kate Moss Rimmel ones too, but mine's from the matte range! Think I need to get an Apocalips as well though!

    Following you on Bloglovin from the Friendly Bunch Blog Hop :)

    Caz x

  13. Who knew there could be so many variations in nude?! I think Shade 26 is my favorite!