What's In My Bag: The Downsized Edition

by - Sunday, May 05, 2013

I'm aware that to us beauty bloggers, the concept of 'what's in my bag' posts and videos are as normal as a lie-in on a Sunday, but for anyone stumbling upon this post randomly from the depths of the internet it might seem a bit weird. "Why does that girl have pictures of the contents of her bag on the internet? Why would anyone do such a thing?" Basically there's no good answer to this, other than the fact that we're all nosey parkers and love getting a good look into other people's lives, their bedrooms and into their bags. I'm all into this personally, I love having a nosey into other peoples stuff. If this whole concept seems bizarre to you, be aware that it's a pretty common thing in the world of beauty bloggery (although still a bit weird, I have to admit!)

The Bag
This is by far the cheapest bag I've ever owned, but it's one of my all time favourites. I got it for just £9 from Primark, and when I spotted rows of them all hung up I hurtled towards them like a woman posessed (in my mind it was like two people in love, running towards each other across a flowery meadow). You might have heard me mention my love for satchels before, but this one was like it was designed especially for me. It's the perfect shade of pink, it's the perfect size and it has gorgeous stud detailing. Based on the price I doubt it will last very long though- it's a cruel world but what can you do. Usually I have a huge bag with contents including everything but the kitchen sink, but because the warmer weather is coming up I decided to downsize the stuff I was carrying around; I like that this bag holds a decent amount but I still have to limit what I bring. My inner organiser loves to be prepared for every scenario, but the reality of needing a pair of roll up shoes, a travel toothbrush and a stash of cosmetics that would put a makeup artist's kit to shame just to pop out to the supermarket for an hour is pretty slim. Here are the things that made the cut.

When I have my phone in my bag it has it's own little compartment. This stops me from throwing it in at leisure, to later be confronted with that 'omg I've lost my phone, omg I've lost my phone' feeling (worst feeling in the world right there) while I look for it. The case I have on at the moment is this pretty diamante one from ebay in white. I have a phone charger in here because we all know how crap iphone batteries are; I bought this especially to live in my bag and it comes with me everywhere. Even though everyone and his dog has an iphone these days and it's easy to borrow someone else's charger if I'm at a friends, there's been too many times when there's been four of us rotating our almost flat phones on one charger. This way it saves us from scrapping over one charger, because let's be serious- if a flat battery causes us to ever be without our phones even for five minutes the world will surely implode, or something equally as dramatic.

Mini Speaker
This is the world's cutest speaker I love it, it's called the X Mini 2 or something along those lines. I've had this in my bag for the last couple of weeks because the weather has been nice; I'm the organised friend in the group who'll whip out my phone and speaker to put some music if we're ever out having a picnic, or even just sunbathing in someone's back garden.

Umbrella/ Purse
Both essentials in any bag, no matter how big or small. No matter what time of year it is here in England an umbrella is a must have. This umbrella is really pretty, but it does have a tendency to turn inside out at the smallest gust of wind which is extremely annoying. Still though, I'd rather have a cute, rubbish umbrella than a boring decent one although maybe that's not something I should admit. I usually like to treat myself to a more expensive purse because they last for longer, and I don't want to be pulling a battered thing out of my bag. But when I bought my satchel from Primark I wanted a new purse to go in it, and spotted this one for a fiver. I think it's actually quite nice and feels like good quality even though it was really cheap. Just the regular stuff in here, my cards, ID and change nothing too exciting. I wish I could report that it was stuffed full of fifty pound notes, but sadly that's not the case.

The pink key is for my front door, I've had people ask me in the past if it's just a keyring. I had it cut at Timpsons, there are loads of different designs to pick from. The key chains are from Las Vegas and Hawaii from my holiday in 2011, and the strap has a clip on it which I clip onto the zip section on the inside of my bag. It's long enough that I can open the door while it's still clipped on so the keys never have to leave my bag. You'll never catch me running around like a headless chicken because I can't find my keys!

Hair Stuff/ Makeup Bag
A couple of bobbles and clips are definitely a handbag essential. If my hair starts looking straggly towards the end of the day, or my hair extensions have gone frizzy in the rain I can shove it in a quick  messy bun or a plait to keep myself looking vaguely respectable. This makeup bag is one area that I've really had to cut down since I bought a smaller bag, this used to be practically a survival kit. Although really I suppose there is still quite a lot in here, I'll share the exact products I keep in here in another post. Otherwise this blog post will be competing with 'War and Peace' for longest and most boring piece of writing in the world.

Freshening Up Stuff
This consists of minty breath spray (love this stuff, so much better than headachy chewing gum or mints that leave sugar all over your teeth), tissues, body spray and antibacterial hand gel. I used to go all out with face wipes, dry shampoo, travel toothbrush/toothpaste. And as much as I deserved a gold star for organisation, I rarely ever needed them when I was out and so all they were doing were contributing to weighing down my bag. Everything I bring now fits inside the makeup bag which is good because other than a few inside pockets the bag is just one big compartment.

 Is your handbag organised, or are you happy to throw everything in and hope for the best?

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  1. Great post! Where's your makeup bag from? Xx

    1. thank you :) It's from ebay, it holds loads! x

    2. Ooh lush :D

  2. You are really organised and loving the bag xx


  3. Cute make-up bag! I think we all love having a look through each other's bags!


  4. I cannot believe that bag is from Primark, it's so gorgeous! It looks so much like a Cambridge satchel and they're like £100! such a good bargain! xoxo


  5. gorgeous bag! doesn't look like it's from Primark either!


    Kamila xx

  6. Oh your bag is amazing... a satchel, pink and studs?! PERFECTION on a strap haha!! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. I love the bag! Definitely need to head to Primark.
    The mini speaker is so cute - perfect for summer days.


  8. I thought I was well organised till I saw this!! Great job and lovely bag .
    Kisses Coco
    Ps. Don't forget to follow
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
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  9. You're totally right, in theory it's a weird thing to do haha but it's become normal now everyone does these posts. I love how much make-up was in your bag, I'm totally the same. Always seem to cart a tonne of stuff around with me! xx

    Angelica // OneLittleVice

  10. I am the same about carrying an umbrella haha. And I love your purse! If it helps, I once bought a Primark bag around six years ago and whilst I don't use it so often now, it is in near-perfect condition! There's hope for yours yet! xx

  11. Love your blog, Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours hope the same from you.

  12. Oh my! THIS bag is WHY i need to go to primark! It looks lush! xxxx

  13. Wow Primark, they've stepped up their game with bags lately. It's gorgeous, I love it!!

    ellie xo blog | design

  14. Ooh I love your makeup bag!!! That would be perfect for me. Can I ask how you make the pink label on your first photo? I've been asking around, but no one seems to want to share :(

  15. Your bag looks so well organized, mine is like a grab bag. ;-)

  16. Hey Stacey, nice to meet you.
    Welcome to the The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop :) You have a very lovely blog.
    Btw i love the bag with studs. Such a cool touch!

    XoXo, Luchessa.

  17. Great post! And lovely blog!

    Ps.: I'm guessing you love pink ;) Me too :D

  18. This is so pretty! I love this post! I'm a new follower and brand new blogger. I found you on Inspire Me MOnday! I'm excited to read around your blog! I'd love for you to come follow me at http://mybutterflyhaus.blogspot.com

  19. Lush bag your make up looks super organised. I can never find anything in my bag. :)


  20. Love your bag! and your makeup bag is so cool looks so neat! :) x

  21. I am in love with the bag.. I totally want one. I need to do what's in my bag posts, but it's like 900 lipsticks.. and nothing else.. lol

  22. Love the bag - what a steal!

  23. Your bag looks sooo much more organised than mine, haha. Mine is literally full of receipts and goodness knows how many lip products lurking at the bottom, really need to give it a good clear-out!
    Mel xx


  24. I LOVE the bag! & Wow you are so organised! Great post girl :)

  25. Love your pink satchel!!!;-))

  26. I cannot BELIEVE this bag was only £9, it's beautiful. Will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for this one! xo

  27. The bag is gorgeous! Are you a British blogger??


  28. I love your bag! Neon Pink + studs can't believe it was only £9!! Big fan of the vegas keys too! I'm going in September and will definitely get a keychain to remember my time there :) x


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