Ebay Storage Wishlist

What is it about good storage? To me, the notion of storing my beauty products is almost as exciting as buying them! A normal functioning human being would probably find the idea of having a 'storage wishlist' a bit odd (and in all honesty it probably is) but I know I'm not the only one with an obsession with seeing lipsticks displayed neatly in a row, and things that come in pretty boxes that can be reused to store things away in. Things that are jumbled and messy really bother me (show me a big box of unorganised makeup and I'd probably have a heart attack- and then organise it all) and so maybe that will give you a clue as to why 'objects to store other objects in' are just so appealing to me. And besides, even if you're not an organisation freak if you're going to splash the cash on makeup and beauty products that collectively cost a fortune, doesn't it makes sense to have some good storage systems in place so you can actually find what you need? Here are a couple of the pieces I have my eye on at the moment!

1. Wicker Storage Basket
I love the look of these baskets, so they're so pretty and have a bit of a shabby chic look going on. I have the large one in mind to store my hairdryer, ghds and curling wand under my dressing table; it'll be so much easier than having to complete the worlds dullest task of unravelling them from a drawer every time I need them. I think these baskets would be perfect for making someone a little custom made hamper as a gift too.

2. Lipstick Holder
These are what I already use to store my traditional lipsticks (rather than lip crayons, glosses etc which are just awkward and to tall for these little holders) but I've run out of space and they're starting to overflow (#firstworldproblems). Each of these stores twenty four lipsticks, and so the average female will probably only need one. The average beauty blogger on the other hand will probably need about five, this will be my third and I'm considering getting another while I'm at it just for a bit of 'growing room.' Yeah I know it's crazy.

3. Acrylic Cotton Wool Holder 
This is the perfect dressing table piece, why don't I already own one? I currently store my cotton wool in one of my mini dressing table drawers, but this takes up hardly any space and would free up that drawer to use for something else. 

4. Decorative Storage Boxes
I really don't know what it is, but theres something about decorative boxes that excites me. I think they look so pretty sat on top of a cupboard or wardrobe, and as they're boxes you can actually store things inside them too. I have no idea what I plan on putting in these yet, but working that out is half the fun.

5. Acrylic Nail Polish Stand
My nail polish collection has expanded at an alarming rate over the last year. At the moment they all live in their own massive drawer in my beauty collection, but I'd love this to stand my 'most worn polishes of the moment.' I think it would look really cute on display and everything could be switched up each season, or rotated every now and again. As you can probably tell I have quite the love affair with acrylic storage.

To see some of the jewellery storage pieces I already own check out this post- it was one of the first posts I wrote on this blog!

What have you been buying on eBay lately? Do you own any of these products?


  1. Great ideas, Stacey ... I love the wicker storage baskets!

  2. I'm in need of a lipstick holder, and you can get them from Hong Kong on Ebay for under £2, but do they fit in all shapes lipsticks? :) x


  3. ohmygosh an acrylic nail polish stand has been on my wishlist for so long too!! i love displaying all of the bottles because it just makes a space so girly and colorful. i'm thinking i'll invest in one the next time i move into a nicer apartment and can redecorate without college roommates because they're a bit pricey for a broke college student! haha

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  4. I really want that lipstick holder! Mine always end up at the bottom of my bag, I must have about 20 lipsticks floating around in there at any one time! Lol
    From your newest fan!
    xXx :)

  5. I have the lipstick storage holder, I love it - I manage to use my lipsticks all the time now as their neatly displayed!

    Good post, Zofia xo

  6. I want the nail polish stand!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  7. I'm getting that Lipstick Holder soon, can't complain when its that cheap! x


  8. I definitely need some of these!! Clutter irritates me so much!



  9. I love everything on this wishlist! So cute!
    xx abitgraceful.blogspot.com

  10. I have this to store all my make up and products in! http://m.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/art/90106506/

    Little bit obsessed with lots of pretty things!! I love that it has a mirror in the top drawer too!


  11. I love storage posts, and these things will look so pretty in our bedrooms! xo

    Hannah xo| Glitter and Sparkle

  12. Great post!
    I always struggle for storage
    I love the wicker baskets
    will have to get myself some
    Rachel XX


  13. I've been wanting one of those lipstick holders for a while; my current collection is small, so they fit nicely in my makeup box but I'd love to have a display like that. I have an IKEA Helmer that is completely full (all but 1 drawer) of nail polish, but I think a polish stand like that would be fun to own (though I don't have the space for it at the moment).

  14. I'm definitely not a beauty blogger, but I love those storage things!

  15. I will definitely be looking into getting one of those nail polish stands! Mine are currently all thrown into a wicker basket and it's such a pain routing through to find the colour I want!

  16. This post makes me very happy, I could browse storage solutions for hours (is that sad? Oh well)

    I'm following your blog, it's lovely and very informative :) Keep up the good work!


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