Current eBay Lust List

If you're anything like me your ebay watch list/ wish list will be crammed full of items at any one time; as soon as I buy things I manage to spot something else that's equally as amazing. It's honestly like an addiction, it's not even the whole bidding/ winning thing that gets me- it's finding unique little pieces that you just don't see in regular shops. It's like a modern day Aladdin's cave filled with all sorts of magical treasures that I just have to have! Usually I write wishlists based on some kind of 'theme' but today's is a real mish mash of stuff. Most of which will probably be finding it's way to my virtual basket some time in the very near future...

I'm upgrading my ancient iphone 4 to a shiny new iphone 5s in the next couple of weeks, so of course I've been eyeing up new cases to protect it's naked modesty. Anything pretty and sparkly immediately catches my eye, when it comes to things like phone cases it's fun and garish designs all the way. This is the one I have on my current phone, I like it so much I might buy it again for my new phone.

 I love cute little pieces like this; I might not live in the modern/ retro country cottage of my dreams but it doesn't stop me from trying to create the same vibe with pretty homeware accessories. Even though I'm not a fan of clutter I think there are ways of strategically placing bits and bobs like this around that look really nice- they make your home look so much more..well, homey!

Before I started this blog and became beauty product obsessed, I used to love scouring eBay for unique jewellery finds. It's been a while since I've been accessory shopping and so I've recently discovered loads of new pieces. Don't get me wrong I still swoon over gorgeous high end designer jewellery, but on a more budget-friendly note there are loads of really pretty and unique pieces you can snatch up on ebay for just a few pounds. If you're careful with them they last quite well too, most of my accessories are over a year old now and have been worn non-stop and are still going strong.

I recently made a new beauty- related Instagram for this blog, for the simple reason that I constantly post pictures of my dogs on my personal account and kind of felt bad for clogging up everyones feed. I love my two smelly dogs and like buying accessories for them almost as much as I like buying accessories for myself (as sad as that may sound!) I think an igloo bed would be perfect for my smaller dog, my bigger dog on the other hand will have to settle for a regular bed as an igloo to fit him in literally would take up half of the room. I've bought so many pet accessories over the years from eBay from collars to leads to dog tags to their grooming stuff, it's always been great and quite a bit cheaper than you'd get in most pet shops too.

Have you spotted anything you like the look of on eBay recently?
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  1. There's stuff on my watch list on eBay I forgot I even wanted and I'll get the odd reminder and think wait a minute *haha*. Love the shabby chic idea though as I'm on the hunt for new homeware at the moment!

    Lauren xo

    1. I'm constantly getting reminders through for items on my watch list- the reminder tone is practically background noise now haha. I definitely recommend checking out the shabby chic homeware accessories, so many gorgeous pieces on there x

  2. Nice picks. I love the necklace you have there, and the home decor! It's gorgeous. Ebay is great for those kind of things! I'm definitely going to be stuck on ebay for hours looking at home decor now haha.

    - Leanne x

  3. Oh, I love your style! Those jewelry pieces are too cute, and I've had my eye on something like those for a while. I have yet to take the plunge on any kind of statement jewelry pieces, but I really want to!

  4. That necklace looks awesome! I also love that watering can!

  5. Shabby Chic is on my list too :)

  6. nice *_*your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  7. my watch list is full of stuff that I cant afford... I wait for it to end & then feel sad that I didnt win it even though I never bid!

  8. I love the bracelets. I'm going to purchase some off Ebay this month, you can get those bracelets for as little as 99p from China. I love the cheapness of Ebay!
    The igloo bed is cute, tempted to get one for my cats. They love hiding in holes.

    I love your blog! :D


  9. love the jewelry there are so many cool things to be found on ebay thanks for sharing your wishlist! xx. gigi.

  10. Love the iPhone case in the middle. Not too bothered about owning an iPhone, but they always have the cutest cases!

  11. There are so many iphone 5s cases I want from ebay!