One Dress Three Ways- The CityRack

I love playing around with outfit ideas like this, it's an easy way to get inspiration for how to style different pieces without having to conduct your own little fashion show in your bedroom (plus you're not left with a big pile of clothes to hang up afterwards!) I've mentioned before how plain dresses are my favourite thing to wear; you can grab one in the morning with one eye open and still know it's going to look nice and the shoes, jacket and accessories you pick will make it look different every time. Here's a typical example of how I'd wear one dress three different ways.

Outfit 1
This is the type of thing I wear pretty much daily at this time of year. The chunky cardigan is an essential, I never wear jumpers because they look just awful on me so these are what I wear instead. I can always be spotted with a big bag over my arm full of 'essentials', half of which I rarely need (but I'll be the one laughing if I'm ever stranded on a desert island with just my could happen..) My favourite bracelets to wear day to day are stacked ones like these, I grab a few from my bracelet stand every morning and mix and match them- I love the wooden one that comes in this set.

Outfit 2
This would be the perfect thing to wear to something like a date or a non-clubbing evening out, as it's dressy but the tights and jacket mean you're a bit more covered up. You can't see it well from the collage but the belt is actually metallic which I think is gorgeous and adds a bit of interest to the plain dress. The spiked necklace is the ideal finishing touch for an edgy but feminine outfit.

Outfit 3
Even though this dress is in a jersey material which is typically quite casual, the gorgeous neckline means it's great for nights out too. I find this bardot neckline to be really flattering as it shows off the collarbone area without being too low cut which can be a bit tacky. I love the shoes, they're quite unique but still look really classy and I like that they cover your feet a bit more than standard strappy shoes (which is never a bad thing at this time of year). Last year after a night out me and two friends had to trudge for over half an hour in snow looking for a taxi and all three of us had strappy shoes on- not the most sensible choice for winter, even thinking back to it makes me cold!

Have you heard of The City Rack? Which of these looks is your favourite?
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  1. Awesome post. I have to wear skirts or dresses everyday to work. I am always looking for ways to make the same dress look a bit different.

    Whimsical Allure

    1. it's amazing how different the same item of clothing can look depending on what you pair it with! Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :) xx

  2. Gorgeous outfits! I really like the first casual one the most, especially that awesome belt!

  3. I love dresses that you can style so many different ways! Great pairings! My favorite would be 2nd look - so edgy!

  4. Great outfits all of them. I really like no 1 for everyday wear but the shoe boots in no 2 are to die for :o). Xx

  5. I love this! the dress is so versitile!

  6. i love all of these outfits! can't beat a trust LBD :)
    Becci x

  7. They all look great, but studs and spikes is my favourite outfit out of this three :)

  8. Love the second outfit! Totally my style :)

    Laura x

  9. love this look my fav is look one and two. might just steal one of them :) xx

  10. Ooooh my eyes have zoned in on those statement gold necklaces - love them and they're perfect to dress up anything!!

    P.S I too have had a strappy heels in snow incident and it wasn't good.
    Probably a miracle either of us still have all our toes haha...

    Holly Mixtures

  11. Oooooo some fabulous oitfits in this post! Some I'd definately want to try and re create for future outings!
    Ffion x

  12. Outfit #2 is my favorite!! It's so classy but sexy at the same time!!

    xo, B