Home Decor #1: Bedroom Accessories Wishlist

Why is it that unnecessary things are always the most fun to buy? Realistically no one really needs ten different shades of red lipstick, fifty necklaces or a shabby chic owl to hang from their drawer handles do they- but ahh somehow life just seems so much better when you have them in it. Luckily for me I don't have 'stop buying unnecessary things' scribbled down amongst my 2014 resolutions, or that would have gone out the window pretty quickly. Moving house has rekindled my love for all things homeware, and for the last few weeks I've been stalking the (many) pages of shabby chic decorative accessories that eBay has to offer. Without getting all 'The Sound of Music' on you (I'd make your ears bleed) these are a few of my favourite things!

This isn't actually the type of thing I'd usually go for at all, but something about it really caught my eye. I like that it's quite uncomplicated and the A1 size will be perfect for the wall above my bed. My bedroom is cream/neutral and I've gone with accents of duck egg blue (typical I'd choose such a difficult colour- it seems that 'duck egg blue' varies a LOT depending on where you buy...ehhh). Now to find cushions and a throw in the same colour- wish me luck.

Isn't this pretty, I have it in mind for around my headboard like they've done in the photo (I might also try it in the background of my blog photos). I've had this on my ebay watch list for a while, I really like how it gives a gorgeous shabby chic look to any plain piece of furniture.

3. Yankee Wax Burner
Like most members of the female species, I take a keen interest in any kind of scented candle/ fragrance-y type products. At the moment my one little wax burner is being traipsed all around the house depending on what room I'm sitting in at the time, I plan on buying another one to just keep in my bedroom. I like the flower design of this one, and unlike my current wax burner it will actually fit an entire melt inside without having to break it up.

This is listed as a candle holder tray, but I thought it would be nice to display a few of my favourite perfumes on my dressing table. I quite like my current perfume setup; they're all displayed on a cream ceramic cake stand on a set of drawers, but I'd like to keep one or two right by where I get ready. It would remind me to use them more, and I could switch them around every now and again depending on season etc.

Fair enough a bin is probably one of the least exciting homeware items ever, but I thought this one was pretty. It looks a lot nicer than a standard plastic bin and would fit in with the rest of my room really well. I need a bin next to my dressing table anyway, so might as well have one that looks nice right?

6. Cream Owl Drawer Hanger 
I plan on hanging this over my wardrobe door handle, it's things like this that just add the final touches to a room. I'm not a fan of too much clutter or stuff out on show, but done tastefully these small decorative pieces can finish everything off really well. I don't even like birds, but even I like cute shabby chic owls!

7. Multi Photo Frame
I love the style, and the fact that it displays a few different photos without hanging a load of separate frames on one wall (which not only looks a bit dated, but are also probably a nightmare to hang!) I have a bare wall over my dressing table, and this looks like just the thing to fill the gap. I'll probably get a bit crafty with some of my favourite pictures and make them black and white to go in this.

Would you like me to attempt a room tour once it's all finished?
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  1. I just repainted my room and I am looking for decorations so this has helped a lot! I got a bin similar to the wire butterfly bin but with roses on from Dunelm and it was only £10 x


  2. I love all the white pieces, there's nothing nicer than having a relaxing crisp white room!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  3. You've got some lovely things on this list, love that bin and the photo frame is so cute x


  4. You have some great items! I love the picture frames and I love it when people have interesting photos scattered around.


  5. I would love to see a room tour and I this was a great post. Will definitely be getting a few of the things you mentioned :)


  6. Ooh some really lovely items there, love the rose garland x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. Love the colour scheme here! It is quite similar to my own bedroom!



  8. Would love a room tour once it's finished. I love home decor type posts! X

  9. The blue rose canvas is so pretty x


  10. I love the white photo frame! We're planning to re-decorate our bedroom and go from purple to crisp white with a hint of blue/turquoise xx

  11. Oooooh, I love the mirrored candle holder, the bin and the picture frames. We're looking at moving to a new place pretty soon, so all my home decorating is on hold for the moment. Yes please to a room tour once it's finished!


  12. I love them all! Especially the rose garland - I actually picked one up very similar the other week at the range, it hasn't got the leaves on it but it lights up & it was a bargainous price of just £4.50! I love anything & everything shabby chic, would love to see your room tour! xx

  13. Looove the photo frames, I've been looking for something like that for ages!! They've got some really nice ones in Oliver Bonas as but they are seriously pricey.



  14. I love it all I would have to say my favourite 2 are number 1 the rose canvas and the cream owl hanger. I think I need to shop on eBay :)


  15. Quick Tip: You can find little white plant pots from Ikea for around £2 which are great to use as makeup brush holders. Love this post, you've given me some roomspiration and a room tour would be great!


  16. Yes yes yes on the room tour! :)