Designer Handbag Wishlist

Some people dream of fame and fortune, but if I had a wardrobe full of designer bags then I could hold my hands up and say there's my life's mission achieved. Joking aside, I really would love to get my hands on these bad boys- I absolutely love handbags and would feel pretty damn sophisticated with some designer arm candy. As you can tell from my not too adventurous colour choices above, I'd probably go with something classic if I was going to invest in a bag; I almost always buy highstreet handbags in bright colours and as much as I love them at the time the truth remains that I get bored of them realllly quickly. At least with black or white you know it's going to go with any outfit and look nice whatever season you're in. Here are my favourite designer bags at the moment- always handy to have noted down, you know in case I casually win the lottery or something...

Mulberry Primrose
I had a Mulberry bag on a mental wishlist back in the pre-blogging days, when my wishlists never made it to paper (or should that be computer?) This isn't the exact style I had my eye on back then but I do seriously love this design. Simple, beautiful and it just looks expensive. Swoon.

Michael Kors Hamilton Bag
A well loved designer brand amongst bloggers, along with one of their stunning rose gold timepieces I'd also love to get my hands on a Michael Kors bag too. As far as designer bags go the prices are actually quite reasonable- there are a lot within the £300/£400 price bracket compared with £1000+ for other designer bags. This one is £295 from Zalandoit comes in a few other colours too my favourites being the black or navy.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bag
Another Michael Kors, I can imagine this Jet Set bag would be perfect for throwing over your shoulder while you hop on a plane and travel the world. I can't say too much of that goes on in my life, but a girl can dream! I think you'd have to be careful not to mark the white leather, but isnt it beautiful?

DKNY Tote Bag
Another slightly more 'affordable' bag at £300, I love the larger size, the clasp along the top and the ivory colour. The gold star shaped studs along the top give it a slightly more fun and casual finish. I actually like that this one doesn't come with the additional shoulder strap like most bigger bags these days, and this is the exact style that I usually go for in bags.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag
Finally, the ultimate- Chanel classic flap bag. This is just a thing of beauty, I practically hear angels sing whenever I look at it. At over £3000 it doesn't come cheap, and as ridiculous as I think this is for the price of a bag oh myy do I want it! This isn't something I'd ever save up for and attempt to buy (would take me about a decade anyway- ha) but if I were to win the lottery I'd have this in my collection for sure.

If you could have any designer handbag, what would you go for?
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  1. Love all of these bags! The micheal Kors Hamilton tote is on my wish list too! Thats also where it will prob stay for a while! xx

  2. Some lovely picks, I am a bag lover too! My favourites are the Mulberry & Michael Kors ones :-) xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  3. Definitely the Chanel but I'd have it in the caviar leather. Wouldn't mind a mulberry either, I've been eyeing a bayswater in this amazing deep green- turquoise colour :)

  4. As owner of a Kors Jet Set, I can tell you it's AMAZING for travel. They come in various sizes too, which is fantastic.


  5. ohh we definitely have the same taste in bag! I'd pick black and white ones over colored ones! :) Nice picks too!

  6. Love all these bags, but my fave is Mulberry's. So cute!

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

  7. Heya lovely, I've tagged you in my liebster award here: because I love your blog! let me know if you do it so I can check out your answers x

  8. Stacey I have wanted that Chanel bag ever since I first saw it. If I win the lottery I will buy us both one! Ha ha. X
    Carly's Beauty World

  9. Wow pretty bags i got a MK Hamilton, iam a MK Lover :)
    Your blog is so lovely would you like to follow each other will be so great :))


  10. I luuuurve the Mulberry one, defo on my wish list!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  11. Im totally wishing for the MK jet set tote too!! I actually just got the Selma as a christmas gift and I love it!

  12. They`re all nice, but Chanel is the best :)

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