New Home: MY Living Room Wishlist

If you've read any of my previous blog posts you might know that I moved house just before Christmas, which of course means I've been on a huge home decorating/accessorising mission (and probably explains why I haven't been buying and blogging about quite as many beauty products recently- but don't fear, the beauty posts will be back shortly!) Unlike my bedroom which I knew I wanted to be girly and romantic looking, I really wasn't sure which direction to go with the living room. My boyfriend suggested black as the accent colour, and I was like heyyy I can work with that; it's a bit different to the 'all neutrals' I had going on in my old place, and I think black is nice and classy for somewhere like a main living space. I went on the hunt for my favourite black and grey pieces, here's what I picked out!

I bought a pair of these curtains in the cream/neutral colour for my dining room, and liked them so much I want the same pair (but with black tops) for my living room. I prefer the look of sheer viole style curtains rather than great big thick things, although I'll probably get a fitted blind to go behind them because they don't block out much light at all. I think the mirror is stunning, the baroque design is a bit different from your average plain mirror frame and lets face it no living room is complete without a big mirror! Both of these pieces are from Very.

I always struggle finding a rug that I like, it's such a feature piece in the room it can really ruin the whole look if you get it wrong. The last few I've bought have all been plain shaggy rugs which I've ended up loving- they're soft to sit on and last well. I've had my current dark brown living room rug for a few years now, but unfortunately it wont go with my new decor so will be taking a hike to another room. I think this grey one from Carpetright is lovely, I had no idea they had rugs for sale and assumed it would all be...well, carpets!

With the millions of cushion designs, sizes, textures and patterns in the world, you'd think it would be easy as pie finding ones you like right? In reality it's impossible, nothing seems quite right and then you find something you love to realise it's £40 per cushion. Fair enough you get what you pay for and all, but spending hundreds on a few cushions... I think not. Eventually I spotted these though which I think go well with the theme and that I actually like

You know sometimes when you spot something in a shop, and are like wow I need that!? That's what happened when I saw this phone. It's strange because before seeing this it's not necessarily something I'd have scoured out, my current housephone is a sleek modern looking thing but I think it's a cool little extra that will go really nicely in the room. I think the clock is just beautiful, it's massive so will be the perfect statement piece for a blank wall. I hope it doesn't have a noisy second hand though, I absolutely hate hearing clocks tick (anyone else have this issue or am I just a weirdo?) The clock and phone are both from Next, definitely one of my favourite places to buy home stuff.

These are an ebay find- one of the first places I look for smaller decorative things. At almost £15 I think they're kind of expensive for what they are, although they're exactly what I'm after and I've not seen anything better in other shops yet. Let me know where you go to buy vases and flowers and things!

Where do you like to shop for homeware? I'd love any suggestions!
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  1. Love the decor ideas,I have black in my dinning room.


  2. I love decorating! I like that mirror, big mirrors and nice art can really add to a room. I also like grey and colors that you can add accents to. Congrats on the move.


  3. I love the phone and the clock - we actually have a similar one in our living room! I always get lots of inspiration from your home decor posts, so please keep em coming! Personally, I've quite taken to trawling antiques shops for hidden treasures, which is something I never thought I'd do.

  4. I love the theme! I think it works really well, especially when there are males in the house too, lol. I like to shop in the local shops usually, because that way I can see the products up close and have a good feel. We don't have very many good selections here though, sadly...

  5. The mirror and phone are something I would love for whenever I get my own place!
    Tania xx