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by - Friday, March 28, 2014

For someone that hates clutter and mess, I'm surprisingly addicted to unnecessary things. They're always the most fun to buy, and even if they serve very little function I can always convince myself that they're essential and I'll get some kind of use from them. I can remember being about ten and taking my first look through the Betterware book, full of it's useless and overpriced treasures and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. (Wow! A spider catcher for just £9.99? I SO need that, no more squishing them with shoes for me!) Here are a few of the cute yet totally unnecessary things I need in my life.

My baking skills are atrocious- I can't bake to save my life. And yet I'm obsessed with these cute pastel bird cake tins from Asda (as well as the other things in the range, but especially these). Not like they'd see much baking action, but would maybe make a nice storage set?

Something you might not know about me- I actually have kind of a 'thing' for watering cans, especially ones in a shabby chic/ vintage style. A watering can, that's not unnecessary right? It's quite useful actually. Well not really seeing as my garden is entirely paved over, without even a single plant to water. I suppose I could use it to water my house plants, although my method of chucking a mug of water in them every now and again and hoping they don't die has served me well so far.

It's a shoe...that holds a wine bottle. Why wouldn't I want it, it's amazing! When events like birthdays, Christmas and even girls nights in crop up, I think it would be a great little party decoration to put out on the table (or as a novel way to gift someone a bottle of wine!)

Having some basic first aid at home is essential- having a decorative set of drawers to store it all in is not. I currently keep things like plasters, bandages and paracetamol in a basket in my kitchen and it does the job just fine. But of course, since laying eyes on this I just have to have it.

Speaker Pillow
For the last ten or so years, I've not been able to sleep unless there's some kind of music or tv show playing as I drift off. It used to be more of a problem before the iPhone days as it would mean sleeping with the tv on, but now I put something on Netflix on my phone to play while I'm falling asleep (is this weird? If you have this problem too let me know!) And why sleep with the sound playing through the phone, when you can have it playing directly through the pillow? Genius! 

What cute pieces do you have your eye on at the moment?

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  1. Everyone needs cute little unnecessary things, that's what makes a house a home :') The shabby chic watering can is gorgeous!

    Ellie xx |

  2. Oh, this is so nice!

  3. I think I need number 3 in my life.

  4. Most of the things on my lists are not necessary but I just WANT them lol. Your style is very girly and rustic. I hate clutter too.


  5. I love the cake tins and the emergency drawers. I have so many unnecessary items but I would happily add those two to the list!

  6. The first aid box is TOO CUTE.

  7. Love the first aid box! And the shoe wine holder is a must in my opinion!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  8. Cute finds! I love the first aid box!

    Jegz xo

  9. These are all super cute especially the watering can and the shoe! I actually thought it was just a shoe with a wine bottle in it. I have a problem sleeping period - can't sleep with things on or off.. meh. hehe

  10. I do this too with TV, Netflix has to be on every night! Glad someone else is the same


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