What to Wear: First Date

Even though I've been in a relationship for around three years now, lots of my friends are currently on the dating scene and I'm forever hearing about their worries and hilarious dating disasters. I have one friend who accidently threw spaghetti in her dates hair at a restaurant (I have no idea) and another that panicked when her date moved in for a kiss, so dodged him and patted him on the back instead- smoooth! One thing that constantly crops up when a first date has been arranged is deciding what to wear, and thinking about it it's a bit of a tricky one. While you want to dress to impress and feel good about your outfit, the last thing you want to do is turn up completely over or under dressed. While you should always wear something that YOU like and feel comfortable in, it's probably still going to be a difficult choice. While your clothing choices depend entirely on what you're doing, I've gone with the standard 'out for drinks' for this outfit. This date generator showed that the majority of people prefer to go for drinks on a first date, and I have to agree. A nice bar is quiet enough to have a conversation but isn't too intensely intimate, you can glam up a bit without looking like you're trying too hard and a couple of glasses of wine is definitely going help the conversation flow a bit more freely! As much as I think an adventurous first date would be fun, at least in a bar you can cut it short and leave early if your date turns out to be a creep- choose something like a theme park and you're stuck with them for the day. Here's what I'd wear on a first date: a nice safe choice that looks pretty and flattering.
Black Dress
You just can't go wrong with a black dress it's fool proof- it looks smart, it's slimming and it can be accessorised depending on the look you're going for. It depends on the season and style of the dress for whether or not I'd wear black tights, if you're unsure then a good rule is to choose one area to show off. The Topshop dress above shows off a lot of the chest and shoulder area so I'd probably play it safe with tights, but with a high neckline or long sleeve dress then it would be all about the legs instead.

I'd always go for heels in a bar/ evening setting, they make your legs look longer and look more sophisticated than flats. Probably best to go with a height you can comfortably walk in even if it's a lower heel, it's going to be a tad embarrassing if your date has to scrape you off the floor and take you to A&E with a broken ankle.

Accessories/ Bag
No outfit is complete without accessories! I'd keep jewellery simple with one or two key pieces, the last thing you want when you're having a conversation is a choir of jangly bracelets clattering all up your arm. I'd choose a simple statement necklace with this dress as the neckline is so open, and then either a bracelet or a ring. For an evening outfit I'd go with a clutch bag rather than something too big or bulky, if you've gone with an all black outfit like this your accessories are a good way of bringing a bit of colour too. I've chosen coral here, but the beauty of black is that you can go with whatever colour floats your boat.

I was reading this article on mens opinion of makeup the other day, and it was actually quite shocking how strong some of their views were. I'd have generally thought that men wouldn't care less about what makeup a woman has on their face- but apparently: silver eyeshadow, overly dramatic smokey eyes, bright eyeliner and dramatic false eyelashes all ranked highly as things that put men off. My opinion on this is that these men are wimps and need to man up immediately, but maybe something to consider when deciding on your first date makeup. I think 'natural with an emphasis on your best bits' is a good approach here; I'd probably go with a neutral smokey eye using shades from one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes with a wearable, long lasting pink lipstick like Mac's Please Me or Shade 101 from Rimmel's Kate Moss line.

What would you wear on a first date? Let me know if you have any funny dating stories!

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  1. this is such a good blog post, I cant believe that men have such a strong opinion on make-up. I would of gone for a dramatic eye but from now on will be diving back into my naked pallet :)


    1. I know I couldnt believe it either! I would have thought most men wouldnt have blinked an eye at womens makeup, unless it was a complete disaster or something lol. Cant go wrong with the Naked palettes :) x

  2. Replies
    1. I loved the necklace too, just adds the perfect amount of colour to the black dress :) x

  3. So cute! The pops of pink are very cute and perfect for spring. I need to find that clutch!

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Thank you :) The bag is by Ted Baker, isn't it pretty! x

  4. Wow this is so cute! I love it! xx