Would You Rather Tag: Beauty Edition

Urghh the post-easter slump is officially here. I hope you're all surviving through today, and not feeling depressed after too much easter egg gorging over the bank holiday! As my birthday was on Good Friday this year, it's fair to say that the weekend was definitely not a healthy one for me. But now all of the birthday cake, easter eggs (and various other junk food) has been consumed it's back to reality. I thought I'd kick off this rather grey looking Tuesday with a tag post- I don't do these all that often, but I saw this one on Tania's blog and thought I'd give it a go.

Would you rather: Be able to apply eyeliner perfectly or contour like Kim Kardashian?
Definitely contour like Kim K. I'd say eyeliner is one of the few makeup skills I've pretty much mastered- I've been wearing it since the age of fourteen so have had plenty of practice. So yeah, contouring!

Would you rather: Wear foundation that is two shades lighter, or two shades darker?
Two shades lighter. Blush and bronzer could fix that pale face up in a jiffy, whereas two shades darker is just going to look like an orange mask. Although finding foundation two shades lighter than my corpse like skin would be an achievement within itself, I think it would literally be white face paint.

Would you rather: Wear no lipstick ever again, or no eyeliner ever again?
Wear no lipstick, as much as I love lipstick I can happily skip it without feeling bare faced and exposed. On the other hand I look terrible without eyeliner, so easy choice there.

Would you rather: Give up your foundation or your mascara?
That's a tough one, seriously lets hope I never have to make this decision because I've just spent five minutes pondering over it just for the sake of this question. If I give up foundation am I still allowed powder and concealer? If yes then I'd give up foundation. However if no 'base' type products were allowed at all then I'd have to give up mascara. I definitely wouldn't be happy about it either way!

Would you rather: Wear the same makeup every day for the rest of your life, or drastically change it every single day for the rest of your life - even if it doesn't suit you?
Id rather have it the same every day. I get in nice little ruts with makeup and keep it the same for months on end anyway- aside from switching up my lip colour or smokey eye colours now and again. 

Would you rather: Have dodgy brows or patchy fake tan?
I'd rather have patchy fake tan- I'd cover up with sleeves and try and even my face out with makeup and maybe it wouldn't look so bad. Mess up those brows and everyone is going to know about it unless you cut in an impromptu fringe!

Would you rather: Have perfect white teeth, or have your perfect hairstyle?
Perfect white teeth, without a doubt. I've always been fairly happy with my teeth as they're white and straight, whereas I've never really been happy with my hair. I've bodged it up beyond belief many times  in the past so I'm probably used to that by now! While messing up your hair is a nightmare, at least it grows back eventually.

Would you rather: Wear the same colour nail varnish your whole life, or be able change the colour whenever you wish but it's always a bit smudged?
How badly is it smudged? I need to know the full information before I commit to such decisions haha. If I was going to have one colour for the rest of my life I'd go with something muted like pastel pink or lilac and could probably live with that quite happily.

Would you rather: Have your perfumes smell amazing to you (but to everyone else smell like a pine tree car freshener) or have products that smell average to you (but smell incredible to those around you?)
I'd have to go with products that smell amazing to me. Smelling like a pine air freshner isn't so bad is it? If I smelled like dog poo to everyone else then I'd definitely want to reconsider, but I could live with people thinking I smelled like a pine air freshner for sure. I actually think they smell kind of nice!

I tag everyone to do this, if you give it a go please leave me the link below as I'd love to read your answers!

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  1. Great answers! Will definitely be doing this tag for tomorrow's post.

    Yaya xx Expat Frugalista

  2. Haha awesome tag and love the answers!


  3. I love this post- it's really cool, and a very original idea that I have never seen before, which can be quite difficult to do in the beauty/fashion industry at times! I really like your style of writing, also.
    Admittedly, I am searching for someone to write me a guest post for either this Saturday coming, or some Saturday sometime in the future, so if you (Or anyone else) is/are interested in that, then please pop me an email at thesas1998@gmail.com

  4. This is a great tag but you have to make some really hard decisions here!

  5. I would love to be able to apply eyeliner and not look like Alice Cooper x

  6. Oh dear, now I'm pondering the mascara or foundation question. Either would be a disaster!

  7. This tag is s funny! Have to do it ;) xx


  8. What a fun tag. I would give up liner over lipstick, I am a bit of a lipstick addict lol :)