Inexpensive, Last Minute Valentines Day Additions from the Supermarket

If you're planning on doing something special on Valentines Day (but have left it too late to order anything) no need to fret, as the supermarkets pretty much have you covered. There are loads of fun decorations and extras you can buy that cost hardly anything which is always a bonus, you don't really want to be spending a fortune on things that are only going to be used for one day. Here are a selection of some of the novel little items you can pick up at the supermarket- perfect if you're planning on celebrating the day, or even just putting together a Valentines meal.

Swizzel Love Hearts Tealight Candles*: £3 Asda // Heart Shaped Candles*: £2 Asda
Asda has a great selection of Valentines candles, I think these would be ideal for decorating the table with if you're cooking a meal. These ones aren't scented (I did expect the Love Hearts ones to be!) but look the part and will make the room look pretty when they're lit.

Plastic Heart Shaped Champagne Flutes*: £1 Asda
Heart shaped champagne glasses, so cute! Another fab addition for the table if you're cooking a meal, they're a lot easier to drink out of than you'd probably expect too. They're just £1 for the pair and even though they're plastic they're quite sturdy and could easily be kept for future parties and Valentines Days.

Toast Stamp*: £1 Asda
A great little novelty if you're planning on making a Valentines Day breakfast. You press the stamp into the bread before toasting, and once it's done you get the message imprinted onto the toast- I've tested this and it really does work! A nice way to make the meal a bit more special and at just £1 you can't go wrong.

Treacle Moon Mallow Hearts Bath Gel: £2.50 Tesco
I couldn't help but have a browse of the Treacle Moon section in the shower gel aisle, if you've never heard of them they're basically Tescos version of Philosophy shower gels (at a fraction of the price). They do the most amazing scents, I thought 'Marshmallow Hearts' would be a nice one for soaking in the bath on Valentines Day. Not only is the name sufficiently Valentine-y but it smells like strawberries and cream- amazing!

Dr Oetker Cupcake Icing: £3.50 Tesco/Asda // Edible White Shimmer Pearls: 95p Tesco
 Every year since we've been together, me and my boyfriend have made cakes on Valentines Day. It's something fun to do on the day and we always end up having a bit of a competition to see who's turn out the best (not gonna lie it's usually mine, he's not the most creative!) If like us you're useless at baking then buy some plain pre-made fairy cakes and you're ready to decorate- all of the stuff including the cakes cost less than £5 and there's enough to make twelve little cupcakes. If you're after something to do on Valentines day I definitely recommend it!

Glitter Sprayed Fresh Flowers: £3 Tesco
There are SO many gorgeous flowers in the supermarkets at the moment. I just picked up these for the house in the regular plant and flower section in Tesco, although I reckon they're easily nice enough to give for Valentines Day. There are also bigger and more expensive arrangements too if you're looking to make more of a statement.

Are you planning on celebrating Valentines Day?


  1. I love those champagne fluted, slightly tacky yet slightly sophisticated! I have the candles and love the sayings on them. Although I'm not one to celebrate V Day, this is a great collection for last minute finds :)

  2. This is a great idea for a post!
    Love the idea of those glitter sprayed flowers.
    And really want to try that mallow bubble bath as well!

    Great post!
    Leanne xx


  3. I would have expected the Love hearts candles to be scented too though it's probably best that they're not if you're having them lit whilst eating dinner, It would mask the smell of some (hopefully) great smelling food. I think ASDA is brilliant for novelty stuff, I bought some plastic skull wine glasses for Halloween and they will definitely be good for another couple of years! xx

  4. I love getting beauty products, jewelry, tickets to shows/events or concerts, gift certificates, clothes, fragrances, makeup etc. One year I even asked my hubby to get me a series of novels. I love flowers but they wilt in a few days so I rather have the other stuff lol.

  5. I have noticed that the supermarkets have really upped their game and have some lovely bits in :) I love the Love Heart tea lights, they look so cute :) The champagne flutes are so cute, I may see if my local asda have any left as I have some champers for later :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee