Five Summer Safety Essentials

by - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

With Easter under our belt and spring well underway, I think it's fair to say that we're all counting down the days until the summer arrives at this point! While your shopping trips are probably focused on sandals and summer dresses at the moment, it's well worth taking the time to think about your sun safety essentials too. They're an important thing to consider whether you're off to a sunny country or just staying at home; it's easy to assume that just because you're not on a beach that you don't need to worry about sun protection or hydration. But while it might not be a typically warm climate here in the UK, there have been days that have been known to hit temperatures as high as 33 degrees celsius- which is as hot as Hawaii and Florida in the summer! So shop smart and be prepared for some potentially scorching weather in the next few months- here are some essentials to jot down onto your summer shopping list.

Not just for practical reasons (no-one wants to be squinting their way through summer!) sunglasses provide protection against damaging UV rays. Over time UV rays can actually cause catarracts and macular degeneration, which is pretty scary! Oversized sunglasses are most effective, not only do they look ultra glamorous but will protect the delicate under eye area from premature aging too. I love the Givenchy pair above from SCLO, they have a huge range of styles including designer brands, polarized and prescription sunglasses.

Water Bottle
It's so easy to become dehydrated on a hot day, it's important to not wait until you're thirsty to have a drink and is recommended that you take sips of water throughout the day. It's easy to do that if you have a water bottle on hand, and is especially important if you're out and about with no easy access to drinking water. I love these fruit infusion bottles as they give a nice natural hint of flavouring, you can pick them up cheaply from places like eBay. In order to stay hydrated on hot days be sure to limit caffeine and alcohol.

Summer Hat
You know summer has really arrived when the floppy straw hats come out. A sun hat will shade your eyes and face from the sun's UV rays and also protect your scalp from sunburn. A hat will also help to protect your hair, which can easily become frazzled in the sun (if you know you're going to be outside in the summer, use a heat protectant!) I think this one from Asos is really cute, and gives a relaxed festival kind of look to a summer outfit.

Cover Ups
On a hot day it might seem like the last thing you want to do is cover up with sleeves. But I'm not talking about throwing on a chunky knitted jumper, a nice lightweight top will help to keep damaging UV rays off your skin without making you too warm. This is especially worth bearing in mind if you have a skin tone that's prone to burning, and tends to burn even with a high SPF. Something like the kimono above will keep the sun off your shoulders (which are particularly prone to burning). Choose lighter coloured clothing, as dark colours will absorb heat and cause you to get too hot.

I think when most people think about SPF, the first thought that comes to mind is horrible heavy sticky lotion that takes ages to absorb and leaves a white layer on the skin. But sun protection products have come a long way in the last few years, and you can pick up things like mists and sprays that are light on the skin and absorb almost instantly, as well as products that are especially designed for the face. My favourite is the Nivea Protect and Refresh spray which not only provides sun protection, but gives an amazing cooling effect to the skin. Just what you need on roasting hot days! Be sure to also choose a lip balm with SPF too, as lips are susceptible to burning and damage just as much as the rest of the face.

What are your summer essentials?

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  1. So true about the hat, plus they look good!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I badly want to get a fruit infusion water bottle great for the summer!!


    1. they're amazing, such a good way to flavour water! x

  3. I had never seen a bottle like that before but it looks great! Will definitely scour a few eBay 'buy it now' shops for one of those!

    Izzy | Feminist Beauty

  4. One of mine is definitely giant sunglasses, I wear them all year round though even on dull but bright days (you get some odd looks lol), I don't think I could make it through summer without them! I'm also a huge believer in SPF, I'm always telling people to wear it, and because I'm so pale if I left the house without it in Summer I wouldn't last long! One thing I don't have which I'm going to be on the hunt for this year is a light cover up, I like your thinking with the Kimono, they are a great option :) xx

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