Summer Wedding: Guest Outfit Ideas

by - Tuesday, August 04, 2015

I love a good wedding I really do- but I can't be the only one who thinks they're annoyingly difficult to dress for? Finding the balance between the daytime ceremony and the evening party is always tricky, and putting together an outfit that's classy yet not too casual or too over the top is something that stresses me out every time. It doesn't help that I'm kiiind of 'all or nothing' when it comes to getting myself dressed up- I'm either lounging around in leggings and basic makeup or I'm dressed to the nines for a night out with dramatic smokey eyes and my best LBD. So this kind of middle ground is tricky territory for me. Along with all the rules that come along with weddings (you shouldn't wear white, you shouldn't wear black, hat or no hat) it can get a bit frustrating. But I've done my research and have come up with a few outfit ideas that I think would be perfect for the occasion. If you're attending any summer weddings this year and are getting stressed about what to wear, hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration!

Dress: iDress / Necklace: Debenhams / Clutch: Dorothy Perkins
Apparently for wedding guests, wearing all white or black is a no-go (although I admit, I've worn black before!) and so soft pastels are a safe choice. They look pretty and classic, you can't go wrong really. A nicely cut dress is always going to be comfortable and flattering without being too casual or too dressed up. A definite win. 
Fascinator: Etsy / Shoes: Hoegl Shoes / Clutch: eBay
Pastels are a safe option, but something a bit bolder and brighter can still work really well. I think the bold teal of the dress and shoes is nicely balanced with the white bodice and bag. Apparently fascinators are back too, and so if you're feeling brave you could go with one to match your outfit!
Bracelets: eBay / Blazer: Topshop  / Bracelet: Etsy
The great thing about maxi dresses is that they're easily dressed up or down, I think dressing it up with a blazer and some jewellery would be perfect for a summer wedding. If like me you're guilty of having a load of maxi dresses sat in your wardrobe but are never sure when to wear them, now's the time to bust them out. I think it would be especially nice for an outdoor wedding, and a floral print like this isn't going to look too 'bridesmaid-y'.

Are you going to any weddings this year? What are you planning on wearing?

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  1. I would definitely wear outfit number 3! Love it!

    1. Its my favourite too, really summery :) x

  2. This is SO helpful Stacey!! Thank you!! I've got a wedding to go to next summer and need to start looking at dresses soon, so this will come in handy :) Tania xx

    1. really glad you found it helpful Tania! Hope you manage to find the perfect outfit x

  3. Wow, love these outfits, especially number 2. I love the colours!


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