Five Budget Boredom Killers

With the technology we have these days it really is a wonder how any of us get bored, I dread to think how awful it was back in the past. Even throughout my childhood in the 1990's things are unrecognisably different to how they are now. There was no Sky Plus to record your favourite programmes, you'd have to pick your very favourite shows and record them to a trusty VHS tape. No Youtube meant there was no such luxury of listening to a song you liked over and over unless you hopped on down to HMV and bought the CD (or recorded it off the radio onto a cassette tape, which I was brilliant at I must add). Hoping to look up some information or settle an argument over a pointless fact? No access to Google to help you out- dial up broadband wasn't in most people's houses until the early 2000's! I'm sounding dangerously old here but I'm actually in my twenties; it just goes to show how quickly technology has advanced in recent years, and how even more quickly we've learned to take it forgranted. I'm as guilty as anyone for moping around complaining I'm bored, but if you take a step back it's amazing to think of the things we can search for or do with absolute minimal effort. I've compiled a list of five things you can do when you're bored that don't cost a penny, and are all readily available using technology you'll already own. So if you're notorious for moaning that you're bored, listen up...

There's no excuse to not have a book on the go these days- when you can download just about any book you want to your tablet, Kindle or mobile phone why wouldn't you? It seems like such a no-brainer to me but there's so many people that don't take advantage, get yourself onto Amazon and pick something out. The majority of e-books cost less a fiver, but there are hundreds for less than a pound or even free. As much as I love reading blogs and magazines there's nothing quite like getting into a book. Having one handy is great for when you're waiting around for appointments, for when you cant sleep or when boring old Sunday rolls around. 

There's nothing better than getting hooked on a really good series, you know when you're just dying to find out what happens next? (even though it leads to a minor crisis leaving you wondering what on earth you're going to do with your life after it ends). Some of my favourites have been Breaking Bad, Heroes, Dexter and Prison Break- if you haven't seen them, get on it. You can thank me later.

I'm definitely not a 'throw on a pair of running shoes and go for the burn' kind of girl but exercise doesn't have to be all hand weights and gym equipment. Half an hour of Zumba on the Wii Fit, some walking or even following along to a yoga video on Youtube and you can get some good exercise in. It's definitely a productive way to kill time.

Whether arts and crafts are your forte, baking, photography or writing- spend a bit of time perfecting a hobby (or start up a new one!) Pinterest is the place to go for inspo, and so there's no excuse of being stuck for ideas. As well as kill boredom, by doing something creative you'll also have something to show for your time. Four years ago I created this blog out of boredom, and here I am now almost six thousand followers and lots of amazing opportunities later. You just never know where a simple hobby will take you!

I'm quite partial to a bit of Sims (and by 'a bit' I mean every now and again I'll do a twelve hour stint- sorry not sorry). There are loads of addictive apps in the App Store, and if you're feeling lucky you could try out a bingo site and play free bingo games. Who knows, you might win an amazing cash prize!


  1. Great post, reading is awesome, I love getting into new series as well. I am obsessed with Sons of Anarchy and Orphan Black at the moment. Thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

  2. Lovely ideas! I always carry a book with me, you never know when you're stuck on a long tube journey and have time to kill.


  3. These are some great ideas, I am a huge advocate for having fun for free, especially with everything we have access to these days! I love working out with my Wii Fit, it honestly just feels like playing a game. Great post! XO -Kim