Quick and Easy Ways to Change Up Your Bedroom

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The bedroom really is your own little cosy sanctuary; lie ins at the weekends, somewhere to hide away when you've had a bad day and probably the place where you feel the most relaxed and comfortable. And so it's important to choose the right decor, and style it in a way that not only reflects you (and makes you happy to look at) but will also help you to relax, sleep and enjoy spending time in. Quick decor changes in the bedroom are possibly easier than any other in the house, if you're looking to freshen up or change the look of your room here are a few things to try!

Change your accent colour/ accessories
As a big fan of neutrals I always think it's best to start with plain and neutral walls- that way any time you want to completely change up how things look it's so easy to do. Light coloured walls give the room a bright and airy look, and you can swap out different pieces to give it an instant makeover. You can bring in a different accent colour with new accessories: bedding, curtains, throws, cushions, rugs and light shades. This is so much easier than having to change the colour of walls and floors every time you want to freshen up your room!

Put something on the walls
Whether it's a framed print, family photos or whatever else you like the look of- this is a good way to add some personality to the room. Gallery walls are really popular, a mismatch of prints and photos in black poster frames looks really effective. Plus you can always change up the different elements whenever you fancied something different. If you have a number of display pieces but not much space, using shelves is a good option too as you can keep prettier items out and means you're not using up valuable storage space.

Customise your furniture
It's not exactly practical to go and buy new bedroom furniture every time you feel like a change. If you buy well made and classic pieces they will stand the test of time, and wont go out of fashion meaning they'll last for many years. But if you're unhappy with the furniture you have you can still make it work. Solid pieces may be able to be upcycled with paint, or just switching out the handles can give them an entirely new look. You could change your headboard or just buy some fabric and look for a DIY tutorial, and use removable covers on things like chairs. 

Make use of the space
Moving the furniture around can make such a difference, and make you feel like you’re in a completely new room. Since you've been in your bedroom, new pieces of furniture and extra things may have been added, and so your current layout might not be what's best based on the pieces you have. You could try changing the position of the bed, or put your dressing table in a different place. Would any of your shelves or storage units look better elsewhere? Having a declutter, and using tricks like putting up a large mirror to reflect light will also make a room look brighter and more spacious.

What would you change in your bedroom?


  1. I recently came home from work to find that my Mum had completely changed up the layout of my bedroom; my bed was on the other side of my room, my bookshelf was next to -rather than opposide- my window, and and everything was so spacey. I touched my walls up the other tday too, and ordered about 150 pictures to display!

    1. That must have been a nice surprise! It really can make such a difference moving things around cant it. Wow would love to see how you display all of those pics :) xx