Top Tips for Choosing a Fireplace Design for Your Home

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Summer might seem like an odd time to install a fireplace in your home, but it's actually the perfect time to do it. While the weather is warmer it means you're not desperate for the warmth of the fire (although saying that, I was close to putting mine on again the other night- damn you British summertime!) and means you have plenty of time to consider your project and get it completed before it starts to get cold again. A fireplace isn't just a tool to keep you warm, it's a piece that draws a lot of focus and done well finishes off a room really nicely. So if you're in need of a new fireplace consider doing it now, you'll be glad you did when the winter rolls back around and it's all ready to go!

Stone Fireplace
A stone fireplace can look either traditional or modern depending on the design. You can go for anything from smooth and polished to rustic exposed brick, and so it's something to consider if you're thinking of going down the stone fireplace route. If you want something unique, something like bespoke stone cutting services are the perfect option; you can have a fireplace cut to your specifications so it's the perfect style and fit for your space.

Wooden Mantel
I currently have a wooden mantel in my home and really like it. When we first moved in it was stained an ugly dark brownish red, but a lot of sanding later and some matte white paint and it's  been completely transformed. If you have a wooden mantle you're no longer in love with, this is definitely an option if the structure itself is still in good condition. It's much cheaper than replacing the whole thing; some sandpaper, paint and plenty of elbow grease and you're good to go.

Modern Fireplace
If you find that regular fireplaces are a bit old fashioned for your tastes or if you have a super modern room, you could go for a contemporary design- there are loads of options to choose from. Whether it's sleek marble, ultra minimalist or something with an lcd display you're bound to find something that's just right.

Outdoor Fireplaces
Since it's getting warmer, you might be thinking about your outdoor spaces. If you love sitting out in your garden, an outdoor fireplace is a great choice. It could be a built structure with a chimney, or you could go down the route of a firepit. It might not get much use during the winter, but it's a great addition to the garden for summer and autumn nights.

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