10 Simple Ways To De-Stress

Stress sucks, there’s no way to sugar coat it. It's something we all suffer with at one time or another, and doesn't discriminate based on age, gender or social class. It could be worries about school or work, finances, relationships or just because life has gotten busy and chaotic. Stress can often be difficult to control, but there are things you can do to make yourself feel better and everything to be a little easier.

1. Go For A Run
Running is one of the best ways to calm your mind and regain energy. Although you may not feel like it when you’re stressed, getting your workout wear on and hitting the road could be the difference between a downwards spiral and feeling better.

2. Take a Few Minutes Out
Sometimes, all you need to do to de-stress is to take some time out. If work is getting you down, or you’re in a heated situation, walk away quickly and quietly. Take some alone time and regroup. As little as thirty minutes could transform your outlook.

3. Plan A Dream Trip
When we’re feeling down, having something to look forwards to always helps. So start thinking about a dream destination and get planning. Whether you want to see New Zealand or New York (don’t forget your ESTA), engaging your mind in something positive can help.

4. Get Enough Sleep
Stress can often be linked to sleep. When you’re feeling worked up, you might need to get some good quality sleep to recover. Aim to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night, you’re sure to feel much better in the morning.

5. Read
Most people watch too much TV. It stimulates our minds and can often be as chaotic as the things that stress us out in the first place. So, try to read more instead. Reading helps you to relax - which is just what you need. A few pages before bed can help you to drift off peacefully.

6. Switch Off
Sometimes, we can be stressed because we’re doing too much. So, switching off can help. We always seem to be plugged into something, or always ‘on’. But, when you turn off, unplug and focus your attention elsewhere, it will help.

7. Meditate
When everything gets too much, and your mind is racing, making it still can often be your only option. Meditation can calm your mind, de-stress your body, and help you to find purpose in everyday life. It really does work, give it a go even if you're skeptical.

8. Have A Pamper Night
This one pretty much explains itself. Face masks, manicures, movies, wine, and sweet treats… how can you not be relaxed? Even better get a friend around and socialise at the same time. 

9. Create A Serene Space
If you’re always on the go, you’re going to want somewhere that you can always rely on for relaxation. So, create a place of calm in your home. Whether it’s your bathroom or bedroom, garden, or someplace new, turn it into your designated space for chilling out.

10. Create
Bake, paint, write, whatever you like to do. It can be relaxing and help to take your mind off things. The rise of adult colouring books speaks for itself. Something is calming about colouring, and if you’ve tried everything else, it could be the one thing that finally de-stressed you.

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