Fun Meet Ups To Plan With Friends

Planning to spend more time with friends in 2017? It’s a great resolution to make. Our family and friends are so important, but maintaining close bonds takes work and effort. When so much of our lives are now online, it can be easy to believe a like or favourite on social media or a text message constitutes as proper contact. While these are of course great ways to stay in the loop in your loved ones lives, nothing quite compares to time spent together in person. If you’re lucky enough to live close to your favourite people, then take advantage where possible. Arranging weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meet ups is a fun way to make sure you stay in touch, however it can be tricky always finding new things to do. If you often find yourself stumped and can’t decide on what to do, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Eating and Drinking
This is an easy one, and something that’s going to appeal and be suitable for most friendship groups. It could be a hot drink in a coffee shop, a casual breakfast or brunch or for something more formal, an evening meal in a restaurant. It could be a couple of cocktails at a bar or some relaxed drinks at a pub. Decide on your budget and the kind of thing you’re after, and you’re bound to find somewhere suitable. Do some research and discover places that are local to you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try places you have previously overlooked, it will help keep things interesting and you might find some new favourites! Sites like Trip Advisor can be handy as you can read reviews, and get an idea of what to expect at different places.

Winning Money
If you’re in the mood to get glammed up but don’t fancy a restaurant or bar, how about a night out at the casino? It’s something a bit different, and you’re lucky you might even winsome cash! There are tonnes of casino sites that you can play from your phone and computer these days too, Maria Casino is one example. So alternatively, instead of going out, you could host a night at home instead. Bingo is another fun activity you can do with friends, it’s becoming increasingly popular with younger people and isn’t just for little old ladies anymore!

Going on an Adventure
Fancy getting active and doing something more adventurous? This is especially useful if you plan on getting healthier in 2017 as you’ll burn loads of calories while having fun in the process. You could arrange a hike or a camping trip. You could go paintballing, go to a theme park or book something like Go Ape which gives you the chance to go abseiling, zip wiring and high-wire tree climbing. Look online and see what kind of things are easy for you to get to. Give new things a chance, if you’ve previously turned down or overlooked adventurous activities now is a great time to start.

Do you have any fun meet ups planned with friends this year yet? Was seeing friends more one of your resolutions?

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