Too Old, Too Boring? Freshen Up Your Old House With These Modern Tricks


Old houses have a very special charm that nothing can imitate. They immediately feel homely and welcoming. It’s impossible to say whether this comes from a sense that previous generations have lived and loved in the same place, or whether the eye is attracted to older design style. One thing is for sure: It works! However, sometimes the traditional old house could do with a little touch of modernism. Sometimes, the old house looks simply old, and a little boring too. Is it time to change house already? Probably not, unless you’re a multimillionaire who can easily afford it. If you’re not, you might want to grab some of the tricks used by house interior designers to freshen up the atmosphere of a place. 

Work With Pure Lines and Shapes 
The purity and the simplicity of the lines in your home, whether there are structural lines you have, such as the staircase climbing upstairs, or the length of a corridor or get professional help from Naddour's Custom Metalworks to be more playful with contrasting shapes. For example, rooms work a lot better if they are built around simple shapes, such as, for example in your bathroom, you should try to harmonize the straight vertical lines of the walls with the round shape of the toilet or the bath without any elements to break the shapes as the modernity of the décor lies in the contrast of the lines. This is a bold move, and it is not always easy to make it in old houses where the beauty would have been in intricate lines and designs. However, do make the most of the standard structural lines you have, such as the staircase climbing upstairs, or the length of a corridor to be playful with contrasting shapes. 

Allow Plenty Of Light
If you are looking to bring a modern light into your house, the first and best piece of advice that you should follow is to get rid of your curtains and blinds. Indeed, a modernist approach is very much centred around natural sunlight and playing with shadows. So, have a closer look at your windows before you start, and be honest with yourself: If they look like they have seen better days, it might be worth getting in touch with a good double glazing company to give the room a modern and warm sensation. If your windows are old, it’s also likely that they may not keep the cold air out very effectively anymore. So, new windows will not only be a vanity investment for the sake of a more dynamic design, but it will also make your house feel instantly homelier and warmer. 

Add Simple Colours And Accents
Last but not least, you could use a colourful approach to highlight different décor elements in your house. Modernist designers have a preference for bright colours which they use as a way to place the accent in a room, whether with cushions, pieces of furniture, or even a feature wall. So go wild, and don’t be afraid to use colour. The wilder, the better to freshen up your interior décor and make it feel youthful and playful again.

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