Avoiding Disasters In The Home

Running a household can be hard work. Not only do you have to stay on top of the day to day tasks to keep things ticking over, but you have deep cleaning that needs to be done regularly, laundry duties and general tidying. Add to that bill paying and maintenance of the usual wear and tear and you’ve got a busy job on your hands! A home is full of beautiful things and is a place of safety – until things go wrong. And things can and DO go wrong in the home. The key is knowing how to handle each situation so that when things go slightly sour, you know what your next move is. So, what should you be looking out for at home?

Like with any home, the bathroom has a lot of traffic. Showers and baths are used every day, and most people don’t think about the impact of heavy usage. A space that's not properly sealed can cause leaks and issues with mould and fungus. Drainage issues can also crop up, use a drain cleaner which dissolves hair and soap scum if you find your bath isn't draining as quickly as it should.

Often the warmest room in the home, kitchens come with a lot of potential disasters! Hot ovens attached to gas pipes and boilers are all usually centred in the kitchen. Needing the help of a gas engineer or a company that specialises in leaking boiler repair is something we are always grateful to have on speed dial when things go wrong. It’s always wise to have a boiler or oven checked by an engineer twice a year so that you can make sure everything is running as it should be. Burst water pipes, cooking fires and broken washing machines leaking water all over the floor are other issues you might come across in the kitchen. 

Usually upstairs in the house, bedrooms tend to be the space that sit directly under the attic. Most bedroom disasters come from leaks in the loft, leading to damp in the plasterwork and a sagging ceiling if not caught early enough. No one likes to deal with home disasters, especially not one that leads to dripping water all over the bedsheets! I actually experienced a sagging ceiling disaster a few years ago, I was sat in bed on my laptop and a big section of the ceiling completely collapsed and gave me a scare. Thankfully it wasn't the part directly above my head! 

The place you put your feet up in front of an open fireplace never feels somewhere that is less than safe. If you don’t keep a watch on your fireplace, however, you are putting yourself at risk. Not only for unsafe fire practices, but carbon monoxide poisoning. Those evenings of curling up in front of a warm fire with a hot drink can change when you realise you’re feeling intensely sleepy with headaches, it could mean that you have a carbon monoxide leak. Having alarms in the home to alert you to a leak is not just a smart choice, it’s a potentially life-changing one.

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