How To Chill Out In Style: Which Summer Break Is For You?

Working out what exactly you want to do for your summer holiday is no easy task. For something that’s supposed to be relaxing, it certainly feels like a lot of work to plan. Here are some tips on how to figure out which relaxing break is the one that you should pick...

Villa Breaks
Positives: Renting a villa somewhere in the sun can seem like a dream holiday. Whether you go for a Greek island, one of the Balearics, the south of France or even further afield in Bali or Thailand, there’s nothing that sounds like a better opportunity to thoroughly relax than staying somewhere with your own pool, preferably near the sea. 

Negatives: The biggest problem with staying in a villa is often the fact that you generally have to cook for yourself - if you enjoy hotel meals and you don’t fancy exploring local restaurants, then a villa isn’t the right move for you. If you have kids, then again a villa holiday might get a little dull for them - why not go somewhere a little more bustling where they can meet other children their own age and make some friends?

Positives: A cruise is an ideal opportunity to be waited on hand and foot. With a combination of feeling as though you’re staying in a luxury hotel and being taken around to beautiful ports and cities, you can explore the world in style before eating a five star meal and retreating to your comfortable stateroom in the evening. Small cruise ships can feel personal and intimate, meaning that you might just end up making some great friends as well as having the holiday of a lifetime.

Negatives: If you like to be able to control your own trips, then a cruise might not be the best idea for you. Some people might find it a little stifling being on a certain route and not being able to control how long you stay in each city. If that’s the case for you, then you could ditch the relaxing aspect of your holiday and go backpacking instead - or you could rent a house and a car and spend your holiday travelling around.

UK Holidays
Positives: If you’re based in the UK, then there really isn’t much that’s easier than throwing some stuff in the back of the car, and driving to another location in the UK for your summer holiday. You don’t have to worry about packing restrictions or the weight of your suitcase, you don’t have to stress out about spending hours in the airport or entertaining your kids on the plane, and all the worries about trying to speak another language aren’t even a factor. Plus, places like Devon, the Scottish Highlands, and the Cotswolds are incredibly beautiful.

Negatives: The biggest problem with a British summer holiday is the weather, which can be rainy and unreliable. If sunshine is a huge factor of your summer holiday and very important to you, it’s probably best to go elsewhere.

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