Keeping It Romantic At Each Relationship Stage

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So you are comfortably and happily in love with each other? Congratulations. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be with someone who gives your butterflies in the tummy and wild dreams when you close your eyes. But how long can it last? you ask. There is no reason for it ever to stop if this is what you both want. But it takes some hard work to keep things going positively and forward at all time. Well, not hard work like you would see at your local gym when you’re going for a weightlifting session. Keeping romance in your relationship demands a subtle kind of attention. It’s very focused, but it’s never pushy. It’s about knowing how to surprise the other and how to make them feel that they are still loved. Day after day, love is about keeping your romantic heart beating for each other. Here are a few tips for different stages of your relationship. 

You’re Still Dating
Whether you’ve been dating for a while, or whether it is still very recent, it’s important to keep your attention focused on the relationship. For a start, while you can still keep your smartphone with you, it’s best to keep your eyes for your date instead of checking your Facebook status. Make her or him feel that they are the most important thing for you at the moment. Similarly, maintain the standard of your attention: Continue to dress up for your date. This is a sign that you still want to look your best for them. Finally, keep eye contact with them when you speak. You are looking at them and nobody else. 

You Are Getting Married
If you’ve already decided to pop the question, why not plan things in the most romantic way ever? There are plenty of romantic wedding ideas around that you could find inspiration from: From weddings in Cyprus – ideal if you are both beach lovers and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the sea – to writing your personal vows, there are a lot of options for all budgets. A romantic wedding doesn’t have to break the bank: It’s about the little details too, such as choosing a meaningful location, picking your song for your first dance, and writing a poem in secret that you can read on your big day to surprise your spouse. 

You Have Been Together For A While
When dating and getting married are events of the past, it doesn’t mean that romance is dead. You can populate every single day with little, sweet and loving gestures such as leaving cute notes in his pocket for him to find them later, for example. Happy couples maintain their relationship by keeping the romance alive all the time. It doesn’t need to cost you anything. Sometimes all it takes is to tell the other you love them, every day, several times a day. There’s nothing wrong with repeating these three little words – I love you. After all, who doesn’t love hearing them? 

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