How Companies Like Spotify Weaponise Their Offices To Attract Talent

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It seems like the competition is on between hip new Millennial startups to build the best office. Pretty much every groundbreaking business in the world, including Spotify, is now investing billions of dollars to make its office the best. It’s all with the aim of impressing clients and squeezing the maximum creativity and productivity out of their workers. But what exactly are they doing? And could your business emulate them?

Spotify In New York
Spotify has revolutionised the world of digital music. What started off as a small music streaming service has turned into one of the largest digital music services in the world, rivaling the likes of Apple iTunes for profitability. With all that money Spotify has weaponized its offices to be as competitive as it possibly can. Its offices are primarily a playground for the creatives types attracted to its business. The office space itself is designed to the highest design standards, and there’s a staff kitchen that is built into the open plan of the rest of the space. All the refrigerators are fully stocked with practically every beverage you could imagine, and the whole place is gleaming white and turquoise blue.

Twitter In San Francisco
Twitter is another company that was about 10 years in the making before it suddenly hit the big time back in 2010. Rather than being based out of a shed, Twitter’s offices represent the new wealth of the company and its dedication to its team of talented staff. Twitter’s offices in San Francisco are modeled after a bird cage. The offices are light and airy, and staff are able to work on their laptops either in shared lobbies, a rooftop perch or in the canteen, as well as their regular offices, of course. A contract cleaning company comes in every night to make sure that the offices remain looking fantastic. And there's a food course that serves up chef-made meals every day. Twitter makes sure that every member of its small team is pampered.

Airbnb In Dublin
It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the most disruptive companies in the world also happen to be those with the most interesting offices. And Airbnb in Dublin is no exception. The office is based on a series of unique living spaces designed to emulate the company’s business model. Each employee gets an area that has been meticulously created. Essentially, it's an eclectic office block built inside a warehouse. The office retains its rustic feel and serves as a relaxed center of creativity for staff.

Kickstarter In New York
Kickstarter didn’t want a downtown Manhattan office complex. Instead, it wanted to stay close to its roots in Brooklyn. It’s offices feel more like an old stately home, with bookcases complete with books, adorning walls in public spaces. Kickstarter has also invested a lot of money making the outside of its buildings in Brooklyn as striking as possible. There’s a huge shared courtyard that rises several stories into the sky, hosting a garden with plenty of plants and seating.

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