Wedding Weather Woes: A Guide To Getting Married Outdoors


Nobody wants rain on their wedding day – especially if you’re getting married outdoors. Planning a successful al fresco wedding means preparing for all eventualities. Here are just some things worth considering before setting a date.

Time it Right
You may be able to increase the chances of good weather by timing your wedding right. August and July are generally prime time for hot weather in the northern hemisphere – however they’re also the most expensive seasons to get married. For those wanting to save money but still have a good chance of nice weather, September and May are good choices as they’re both on the edge of the off-season and are likely to yield good weather, although it will always be a bit of a gamble.

Choosing Your Location
Get married abroad in a hot country is one way to secure the good weather. However, for those getting married closer to home – an outdoor wedding with the option of going indoors could be worthwhile. Consider a wedding in a stately home garden. You may be able to rent a single room or foyer to use as opposed to booking the whole premises – this gives you somewhere to escape to and shelter if it is a bad day. If you’re getting married somewhere very rural and need electricity, make sure that there is a nearby source and that you’re not having trail cables everywhere. This might not so much prove a weather risk, but could pose a trip hazard. Hiring a power generator may be worthwhile.

Give it a Check for Rain
It’s worth visiting the venue beforehand on a rainy day, just to survey the scene. You may then be able to determine where mud puddles collect or runoffs form and then remember to not place seats or guests in these areas.

Staying Dry
You don’t all want to be carrying umbrellas on the wedding day. Marquees are by far the most practical solution for keeping dry. Decide how many guests you will be inviting and whether you will need an area for dining and dancing. You can then decide how big your marquee needs to be. You should also think twice before booking an open-top car to attend the wedding in – unless it has the option of a convertible roof. Many brides have opted to be chauffeured in open top cars only for the heavens to open on the day.

Staying Warm
On top of staying dry, you’ll want to stay warm. If you’re getting married in summer, the temperature is likely to be warm enough during the day (even if it does rain), although may possibly dip at night. Whilst layering up is an option, hiring some outdoor heaters might be another solution to consider. Make sure that these can be placed under a marquee and make sure there are enough, otherwise all the guests may be huddled around one.

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