Need To Add Value To Your Home? Fix These Things!

Doing up your house is going to cost you a pretty penny normally, but it’s a small (or large) price to pay when you're making your home ready for a big sale. But lots of money isn’t a luxury we have for the most part, but we can always spring for a little change here and there. Whether you're a landlord looking to renovate your property so you can up the monthly rent or are a homeowner looking to improve, here are some cheap and simple ways to get everything up to scratch.

The Front
This will be the first thing a potential buyer will see, so you'd better make it stand out (in the right ways of course). Your door should be welcoming but not overshadow the rest of the exterior, so if you're happy with the color, it’s worth just giving it a lick of paint. If you really want to dress up the exterior a bit more, add some plants around the door to dress it up or if you have the money spare, add a curb. Curb appeal is an expression used in real estate, but although it doesn’t literally mean how sexy your curb is, it’s still worth dressing up a curb in case it’s old or looks cracked!

The Garden
Creating a relaxing space in the form of your back garden will be something that can be the decider whether someone wants to purchase your home or not. You can add some garden furniture as part of the deal, such as a bench or some chairs, and they won't cost the earth. Maintenance is another thing to bear in mind, and some people will look for a project, and others will not, and would rather have somewhere already fixed up before they move in. So you could go between these two expectations and look for some of the finest artificial grass you can buy, and place this down. Aside from the obvious lack of maintenance involved, it’s quick and easy to lay down, saving you time if you're working round the clock to get your home up to selling standard.

The Kitchen
The kitchen is another one of those deciding factors, and the bigger the kitchen, the better when it comes to making it appeal to a prospective buyer. However, apart from knocking a few walls down, the only things you can do to make the aesthetics more pleasing is to work on the storage methods. By building cabinets up, rather than outward, it leaves you with more space to play with. The right colors add an impression of depth too, so pick colors that don’t stand out in comparison to the back walls. Get a miter saw, and start to build some moldings, and you’ve got a way to help your kitchen stand out without making it look cramped.

Other Bits
It’s the little touches. New fixtures like the bathroom taps, paint the tiles if they look a bit on the grubby side, and fix some new cabinet handles. All these will help overall to catch the eye of the buyer! 

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