Want a New Job? Here's How You Can Get Your Foot In The Door

We all have a list of particular companies who we would love to work for. Perhaps they are known for their amazing training opportunities. Or they might have great staff parties that are the talk of the town. And they are on our list of perfect companies to work for. But with a lot of these great businesses, it can be hard to get an opportunity to work for them. After all, you are likely competing with a ton of other candidates for one perfect job, so it’s easy for your CV to end up being dismissed. However, you don’t have to give up your dream. Here are some ways you can get your foot in the door at that ideal company.

Do Some Work Experience 
It’s hard to get the chance to show your worth as an employee from just your CV. Therefore, you need to go the extra mile to ensure you get a role at that place. And one way you can do this is by doing some work experience for them. Companies are always looking at taking on some work experience placements. After all, it gives them a chance to get some extra workers without needing to pay them. And for you, it gives you an opportunity to show your worth and make an impression at the business. After all, if you do a couple of weeks of fantastic work, they might consider taking you on full-time. And even if they don’t have a position at that time, soon as something comes up, you can apply and mention you did work experience at the company.

Go Through a Recruitment Agency 
When it’s just you sending your CV, it can be hard to be noticed by the company. After all, they might not give you the time of day if they receive job applications every day. Therefore, you might want to go through a recruitment agency. If you go with a recruiter like Portfolio procurement, they will go through your CV, and ensure you are in the best position for gaining a new job. Also, a lot of companies take recruitment companies more seriously, so if they say you have the right skills and experience for the role, the company might be more likely to give you an interview! And in some cases, it might be your only chance of getting a step in the door!

Start with a Role Blow Your Skills
It’s sometimes worth going for a role which might be under your skills so that you can work your way up at a company. After all, it can sometimes be the only way in to your dream company. And soon as you are in the business, you can then apply for roles which will be more suited to your skills. After all, if you already work for the firm, you will have more of a chance of getting that perfect role. And even while you are in the entry-level position, you can show them how hard working and committed you are to work at the business! And remember to follow the staff members on sites like LinkedIn. After all, it’s sometimes about who you know when it comes to gaining a job.

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