Horrible Health Habits- And How To Drop Them!

Even if you eat well, exercise and get enough sleep at night- chances are you have at least one bad health habit that's affecting your body. You might justify it as 'your only vice', or in some cases not even realising you're doing anything wrong. Health isn't just about the big things, the little habits really can add up and have an impact too. Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong!

Biting Nails
At first look, biting your nails doesn’t appear like it is a health hazard. Sure, it pretty disgusting, but only from an aesthetic point of view, right? Wrong. Biting your nails can impact the rest of your body in a hugely negative way. To begin with, there are lots of bacteria under your nails, none of it helpful to our bodies! The more you chew, the higher the risk of contamination. Plus, one wrong bite and you can cause an ingrown nail. If you have ever experienced one, you will know just how much pain it can cause. There are products you can buy to put on your nails which taste unpleasant which can help you to break the habit and stop nibbling at them when you're bored or stressed!

Exercising When Injured
As human beings, we all have a certain amount of ego and stubbornness. These qualities are most apparent when a person feels a tweak or strain. Instead of stopping and going to the doctor, lots of people continue and make the situation worse. Sometimes, the pain goes away and everything is fine. However, other times the habit only makes the situation worse, such as when you pull something in your back. As soon as you feel any injury, you should stop and rest.

Whether you class it as an addiction or a habit, we all know the dangers of smoking at this point so it's something you should work on quitting. If going cold turkey sounds too difficult, how about looking into an alternative? Specialists like Ace Vapes have an array of kits that can help you switch a traditional cigarette for an electronic one which have been shown to be far better for health. Alternatively there's the technique of hypnosis where an expert realigns the emotional connection to cigarettes. If you don’t like the idea of a person playing with your head, try cutting down on drinking and staying out of pubs and bars and anywhere else temptation might strike.

Late Night Snacking
Experts say we should stop eating after seven or eight pm. However late at night is when most of us are likely to start raiding the cupboards. Because your body has no time to burn this off, it's a quick recipe for weight gain. If you must snack at night, your best bet is to eat a small amount of low fat protein. Some chicken breast or sliced deli meats will fill you up, and because they don't contain carbs they wont cause a spike in blood sugar which leaves you hungry an hour later. 

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