Life Is Better When You're Careful

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Much has been written about the tendency for young folks to ‘live wild and free,’ and there’s something to be said about this. While young people need to explore and find what really makes them tick in life to be part of a happy and engaged community of their peers, and to define to themselves what their life meaning is, this can sometimes be interpreted incorrectly. That is, young people often take the call to adventure with arms thrown wide, when really exercising a little restraint can help them immensely in the long term. It’s always hard to teach them this, of course, as it is anything to someone who knows adventure is in their future. Still, it’s always worth trying to teach them the benefits of keeping a little restraint as much as we can. Staying careful and reading situations, especially situations out of our comfort zone, can help us make the right decisions no matter what our peer groups or people close to us say. We’d like to list the following places in which this can be the most effective.

Our Traveling Life
One of the most favourite pastimes for young people is traveling the world. In the adventurous state of mind, this can be the most important thing for a young person to do. Finding out about other cultures, seeing what makes them tick as well as exposing yourself to history and stunning vista’s can sometimes seem like too much to resist. However, it’s important to exercise massive caution in these circumstances. You should by no means feel averse to going, but you should take care of your entire framework for understanding the enormity of the task ahead of you. Remember, not all cultures are the same, and if going further abroad, they can be wildly different. Some simply don’t have the same ability to police negative happenstances, some areas have high levels of crime, while other scams and vocational frauds can contribute to a dangerous atmosphere. Stick in groups, make sure you’re never too inebriated or reckless to prevent you from making good decisions, and you’ll be better off identifying and staying away from bad situations.

Our Sexual Life
Our sexual worlds are deeply personal affairs. For this reason, making sure we maintain them and take care of ourselves whenever the subject is explored should be of paramount importance. Making sure our partners and ourselves have good intentions, are hygienic and tested, alongside keeping our conscience clean are life rules which never lose their validity. Click here to educate yourself further on the topic, especially to understand how to behave if your filter of care is somehow interrupted. 

Our Habitual Life
Remember, being careful will literally help you stay alive longer. Try not to implement bad habits in your youth, be that drug usage, drinking, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, inability to socialize as well as simply keeping an aggressive persona with people you meet. People often focus on everything aside from themselves, when they are in the need of the most self-repair. Always watch yourself and keep yourself careful about maintaining your high standards, and you will be better off for it.

Remember, the habits you make in youth shape and define you as you age. Being careful can sometimes be the only safety net you need.

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