Move It, Don't Lose It

There might be some times during your career when you are asked to go that extra mile. I’m not talking metaphorically here, I’m talking about going a literal extra mile.In fact, you might be asked to go quite a few miles and relocate for work. Would that be something you are willing to do? What about if you spy a job opening in a completely different town or city? Would you apply knowing that you will need to move home if you get it? It’s a really good idea relocating for work as it gives you the chance to experience a new city and it might be the only chance you have to progress in your career. So, be sure to move it - don’t lose out on a great career opportunity! You might be trying to get your head around moving, but these tips should help the whole process.

Use Nationwide Agencies
If you don’t have a job to move to yet, you might want to start a nationwide job hunt. Sound difficult? It really isn’t now that the internet brings us all closer together! It’s a good idea to sign up to some nationwide agencies, such as Employ Social Care, as these will list job postings all around the country. If you let the agency know which area you are interested to move to, they will be able to email you alerts when any new jobs in that particular region come up.

Ask About Relocation Benefits
If you are lucky enough to already have a job to move to, you should ask your employer about any relocation benefits. You will have to incur considerable costs when moving house, such as hiring a moving firm, and you might also have to take some time off work. Ideally, your employer should foot these costs and let you have the time off work without any hesitation. After all, you are moving your whole life for them!

Make An Initial Trip
The chances are that you might not know the town or city to which you will be moving. It’s not a good idea to move there without doing any research, so you should try and plan an initial trip before moving day arrives. That gives you the chance to check out the neighbourhoods and decide where you will look for a new home

Sort Out The Smaller Details
There will be lots of people who you should tell you’re moving. For instance, you need to let your energy and electricity provider know so that they can cancel your account at your old address. They might even be able to change it to your new place. It’s also a good idea to let Royal Mail know that they will have to redirect your mail. Otherwise, you might get people chasing you for unpaid bills! Once you have carried out all the above steps, you can start to settle into your new working life. You’ll soon be pleased that you moved it and didn’t lose this new job!

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