Should You Be Allowed To Bring Pets to Work?

When you adopt a pet into your life, they immediately transform into your best friends and members of your family. This is great, but it leaves many people asking themselves how they can leave their beloved animals at home alone if they work more than 40 hours a week. Today more and more people begin to search for pet friendly employers, who can guarantee them having their pets in the workplace. Nevertheless, is it okay to bring your little friends to your office or they can somehow interfere your work? Let us have a closer look at this issue: 


  • Homely feeling
Who can refuse to work with your best friend, feeling like you have not left your home at all? According to the statistics, there are only about 8% of pet friendly companies in the USA, but 70% of respondents would be very happy to have such possibility at work. The companies that allow bringing pets at work have everything you may need during a day; mat or another dog place near your desk, food, toys and, of course, an opportunity to walk with your pet during your lunchtime. 

  • They help to reduce stress 
The fact that pets can help you to cope with stress will not be a discovery for you. Psychologists say that office pets can easily help workers to reduce the level of stress, lighten up the boring working atmosphere and teach them how to relax and get away from work for a while. It is very difficult to leave your dog or cat at home for at least 8 hours a day, realizing how much they will miss youthus working together is a great option. By the way, you can also purchase essay and get rid of  constant headache. 

  • Your pet is happier
There is a special holiday in the USA, called Take Your Pet to Work DayPet Sitters International (PSI ) created this day in 1999 and it was aimed at encouraging business to have one Friday a year, when workers can bring their little friends to work, and also promote pet adoption from local shelters. While dogs are more popular in the USA, most Japanese prefer cats. I should mention Ferray CorporationJapanese internet solution business, which does not only allow taking cats to their office, but also has created a great policy towards the adoption of stray cats among their workers by establishing a monthly bonus of 5000 yen (almost 40$) for those, who will do this. 


  • Good office pets can make workers happy 24/7 
Many scientists have proven the fact that the owners of the pets feel guilty leaving their pets alone for the whole day, and while sitting they cannot concentrate on the tasks they have at work, but only thinking of their lonely pets. If all employers allow bringing them to the office, this will lead to enhance productivity and create more homey and playful atmosphere, for sure. Google is one of the brightest examples of a company with a policy of having dogs in the workplaceAlthough any pets are allowed there, it is stated in their rules of business conduct that dogs are favored over cats; they explain this by the fact that dogs are more popular among their workers, thus bringing cats can be really stressful for animals. Google even has a cafĂ© named after a Leonberger Yoshka, whose owner is one of the engineers from a company.  

No matter whether you are an urban person or live in a small village, you may sometimes feel very lonely; in our technological era many people simply lack communication and sense of being needed. This is one of the main reasons why people decide to have a pet, but before you get yourself a pet, you should take a moment to fully consider this important step as it is a live-being after all, thus it needs attention and care even if you are the busiest person in the world. I am a huge animal lover, but I cannot say which are the best office pets so far, because everybody has their own taste. The only thing I can tell for sure is that until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened because they are better than a lot of humans.  

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