Five Space Saving Hacks for the Smaller Home

Mess, clutter, rubbish – whatever you call it, it seems to grow with the seasons, clogging up every corner of your home and simply getting in the way. As a result, it can seem as if you’re constantly trying to save space in the home. Furniture gets moved around, rooms get rearranged and you ultimately end up feeling more drained and worn out than if you’d just decided to let the clutter stay where it was in the first place. We’ve all been there, and it can feel nothing short of frustrating. To help relieve the stress and make your life easier, we’ve put together five space saving hacks for the smaller home.

Create a home office inside a hidden space 
If you need to work from home quite frequently, it’s likely that you’ve created some kind of home office or working environment. If your home is a little short on space, it’s also likely that your ‘home office’ is either squashed into a corner, piled up on top of something else or is even packed away somewhere and needs to be moved in and out each time you need to work. While the above situations are far from ideal, it’s sadly the common reality of many home workers. The solution? Put your home office somewhere, such as a closet/cupboard or a little nook or cranny hidden away in your home. This way, it’ll remain hidden away, but can be accessed easily and won’t need to be moved or rearranged. See eight great home office hacks here!

Use sliding wardrobes to create more space 
Another smart way to create space in your home, is to look to the bedroom. Your bedroom is where you sleep, and so naturally is should make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. What doesn’t help is having clutter and a lack of space in an environment where you need to sleep. The solution? Wardrobe storage. How much you put in your wardrobe can seriously help clear the space from your floor, on top of cabinets and even on visible shelves. Why not take it further with a set of sliding wardrobe doors? Wardrobes with doors that slide sideways, along the surface of the wardrobe, don’t take up any extra space, unlike standard wardrobe doors that hinge outwards.

Let bed storage become your friend 
For a piece of furniture with such a large surface area, it’s surprising how many people overlook their beds as a means of storage. Beds with drawers in are a popular choice for those with smaller homes, as large items can be stashed away when they don’t need to be used for long periods of time. This works well for those without attic or loft storage. Our tip: next time you buy a bed, choose one with plenty of drawer storage so you can throw in those beach towels, wrong-season clothes and other bits that you don’t need to have in your wardrobe – your bedroom will thank you!

Use bunkbeds to double up on sleeping surface area 
If you have a small home, it can be for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it could be physically and objectively small, on the other hand, it could be that it feels small. In this sense, perhaps you’ve outgrown it since your family has increased in size, or you have acquired more ‘stuff’. When it comes to your family growing, it’s not uncommon for siblings to share a room, and this means two beds, which take up a lot more space than one. By now we can recognise the pattern: less space equals more clutter and more mess. This is where bunk beds come in, when you stack the surface area vertically, you save space and your children still get to share the same room. Bunk beds can be great for small home owners, as it means your family can enjoy your home without feeling as though you should be moving into a bigger home.

Clear out clutter for good 
If all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned clear out. From sorting through clothes that you haven’t worn in years, to separating out odd bits of clutter that seem to find themselves down the back of wardrobes and strewn across bedside cabinet surfaces, throwing things away just helps to clear the mind sometimes!

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