Considering Online Dating? Keep These Things in Mind!

We live in a digital age- everyone is connected, and much of what we do from work to play is now done online. So it makes sense that dating would follow suite, and now more couples meet online than any other way. It can be a fantastic way to speak to new people, as it's not just based on an instant attraction. You can chat for a while before meeting in person, and find out if you have any common interests or similar values. This means that if there is a spark when you meet, a relationship is much more likely to last- compared with just meeting someone on the off chance that you have an attraction to. However, online dating is different for everyone and each story is unique- if you're thinking of giving it a go then here are some things to consider.

Your “Perfect Match” May Not Come Right Away
You’re excited to download a dating app or just join a site, but one week down the line there are no signs of finding your true love. Maybe you start getting strange messages that make you wish you hadn't bothered, or have searched through hundreds of profiles but none seem to be quite right. Don't be discouraged, a connection might not happen instantly. It helps to be open minded, and have a chat with people even if they're not your usual 'type'. You might end up getting along well and be pleasantly surprised.

Try a Few Different Sites or Apps 
Not all dating sites and apps are the same. Some have you browse through potential dates to accept or reject many profiles in succession. Others allow you to take your time searching for matches according to variables such as age, interests, and location. It’s quite normal to try out a few different sites or apps to see what pleases you. Set up profiles on a couple of the main dating sites and see how you get on. Chances are you'll find the ones you prefer and stick with using those. If you’re looking for some guidance on the best ways to approach dating, sites like dating advice guru can be useful and give you the confidence you need to push things forward.

Be Cautious
As you enter into the world of online dating, it’s important to keep in mind that people are not always what they seem to be. Although most dating sites try to protect their members, it’s unfortunate that some are scammers or catfish. Therefore, it’s best to err on the side of caution whenever you’re unsure about someone. Does someone’s online dating profile seem too good to be true? Does the person dodge meeting you one-on-one? If someone sends a message that puts too much pressure or makes you uncomfortable, be ready to report or block them. Always arrange your first meeting in a public place where you know you'll be safe, and it can even make sense to quickly video chat beforehand just to check they are who they say they are.

It Can be Time-Consuming
It can be quite fun to search for potential lovers, send messages, and improve your profile. However, there’s a flip side to having a lot of options. Don't let an online dating vortex suck you in. Are you finding yourself spending lots of time looking through profiles and chatting without meeting people in person? This could be a signal that you need to take a step back and reduce the amount of time you’re taking on the screen. 

Online dating can be a fun way of finding the love of your life. However, do not expect to find your “perfect match” the moment you join a site or download an app. You also need to be cautious about some people and limit the time you’re spending online.

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