Enhancing Your Natural Beauty in 2019

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all of us have features that would be considered enviable by a stranger. However, with social media, movies and television portraying these 'perfect' faces and bodies, it's easy to feel insecure with your looks. None of us should aim for perfection, since beyond the flattering lighting, angles, filters and Photoshop, it simply doesn't exist. But there's nothing wrong with wanting to make tweaks to improve your beauty and show yourself to your best potential. If you want to make a change, here are a few ways you can go about it. 

Highlight Your Best Features
What is it you're complimented on most often? Perhaps enhance these features to draw attention away from areas that you don't like as much. For instance, if you have really nice white teeth then show them off by using a bold coloured lipstick. Doing so will draw attention to your mouth and show off your pearly white teeth. Or, do you have amazing eyes? Then utilise mascara, fake lashes and smokey eyeshadow to show them off and enhance your beauty. 

Feel Confident in Your Body
Slim and skinny women are idealised in the media, and portrayed as something we should all aim to be. However, research almost always shows that men like curvier women too- and in many cases they prefer this. Breast augmentation can help you to enhance your shape, but if you're already quite curvy then learn to love it! It doesn't matter what shape or size you are, as long as you're healthy. 

Maintain Healthy Skin
Your skin can make you look young, radiant and youthful or it can make you appear old and aging. It's really important that you maintain healthy skin if you want to enhance your natural beauty. Taking care of your skin doesn't necessarily mean using expensive products- you don't even need to take lots of time on your skin. A simple regime, but one that you stick to religiously will yield great results. Remove your makeup properly, moisturise, use an eye cream and wear SPF. You can always get a moisturiser with SPF in it if you're tempted to skip this step.

Dress for your shape
The clothes you wear play significant part in your overall appearance and confidence. Choose clothes that accentuate your body figure and your complexion. There's lots of advice online on how to dress for different body shapes, do your research and then hit the shops armed with this knowledge. 

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