Do It Yourself Moving: 6 Tips You Need To Know

Moving house by yourself is not for the faint of heart. While you can save a lot of money, you give yourself much more work to do too. The pressure of clearing out your junk, asking friends for help, and packing up your glassware can definitely be overwhelming. It might not seem an ideal option, but, if you know what you’re doing, then it can work out quite well, even without expert assistance. With that in mind, here are six tips you need to know about moving house by yourself.

Clear Out Any Clutter
The less stuff you have to move, the easier your move will be. Most people choose to declutter before moving so as to save themselves some money. You may not cut costs a lot by doing so when moving yourself, but you will save yourself a lot of hassle. Make sure that you go through all of your things a while before the move date and put aside anything that you don’t want.

Bring In Helping Hands
A do-it-yourself move doesn’t mean doing everything by yourself. When planning a DIY move, it’s crucial that you find reliable help. Whether it’s friends and relatives or hired help, you must make sure that whoever you enlist is trustworthy and dependable. You don’t want them letting you down at the last minute, after all. Once the move is done, remember to thank your helpers. 

Find A Larger Vehicle
Unless you already have a van or another suitable moving vehicle that you can use, you’re going to have to find one. If you believe that you’ll need the van again in the future, then you might want to buy one of your own, from a site like The Good Van Company. Those that won’t need a van again should stick to renting. Make sure that you reserve your van as early as you can. 

Pack An Essentials Kit
When using professional movers, packing is often included in the service. All that you have to do is put together an essentials kit for your first day or two in the new house. With an entire home to pack up, you might forget to pack that important box. To make sure that you don’t, you should put aside the things you need for this kit so that you don’t pack them with everything else. 

Use Proper Moving Boxes
Packing materials are one area of the move where you don’t want to skrimp. The last thing that you want is for your valuable to fall out the bottom of flimsy boxes, after all. Before you begin packing up, make sure that you have the best supplies for the job. Ensure that you have specific boxes for certain belongings, as well as bubble wrap, newspaper, packing tape, and other essentials. 

Move On A Weekend
A DIY move comes with a number of advantages, with one being the convenience of moving at your leisure. When hiring a moving company, most people choose to avoid weekends, as prices tend to be much higher. With your own van or a rental, you won’t have to pay extra expenses, which means that you won’t have to book any time off work. 

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