Leading a Sustainable Life

Sustainability tends to be a bit of a buzzword nowadays. We’re living in a time where people aren’t only becoming increasingly aware of climate change and how human activity is impacting the planet, but we’re also living in an age where people are becoming more passionate on the subject. There are all sorts of changes you can make to live a more eco-friendly life and many of us are picking up these options with the aim of reducing our footprint on the Earth. But a key factor that we should all have at the forefront of our mind when it comes to helping the planet is sustainability. This is perhaps why the word has been on many people’s lips lately! Now, sustainability revolves around the premise that whatever we do should be sustainable. We should be able to produce products and live in a way that has a future and won’t eventually dry up. Fossil fuels are not sustainable - we only have a limited supply of them. Plastic is not sustainable - we’ll eventually end up overrun with it, as it doesn’t biodegrade. We need to come up with other ways to live to ensure the future of our planet is positive, bright and green. The infographic on the importance of sustainability below should help to brief you on the subject and take active steps towards leading a more sustainable life yourself. The changes you have to make are generally small, but can often make all the difference!

Infographic Design By Norwich University

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