Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Furniture Online

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When it comes to buying furniture, you have two options. You can trail around a shop in the hopes of stumbling across exactly what you're after (which lets face it, isn't likely) or you can browse online from the comfort of your sofa. Not only is this much less stressful but you're also able to easily browse thousands of products, compare prices and read reviews right from where you sit. However shopping online does come with downsides, especially when it comes to expensive items like furniture as you're not able to see and test the physical item. Of course the majority of the time transactions will be quick and effortless, but it's the negative ones that stick. What exactly do these people with the bad experiences do wrong, and how can you avoid making the same mistakes? 

1. They don't check dimensions.
Check an online product review section. Without much digging, you'll find: "it was bigger/smaller/wider (delete as applicable) than I expected". Despite the sizing being available on the product page, people still don't check. Or worse still, they do, estimate it'll be fine and then get a nasty surprise. Don't do this with furniture, especially flatpack which you might not even know is a bad fit until you've assembled it. Use string or chalk to measure out the dimensions as they are given and try the area that you're considering for size.

2. They rely too much on monitor colours. 
The way that colours look on a computer screen can be vastly different to how they look in reality. If you need an item to be a very specific colour, then take this into account when you choose- at the very least, be prepared to need to take advantage of the returns policy. Many shops are happy to send swatches if you request them, especially for upholstered items. This gives you a chance to make sure the item will be exactly what you're after. 

3. They don't use reputable merchants. 
The great thing about the internet is the choice- you can buy from anywhere from huge superstores to small online boutiques. But before taking a chance on a shop you've never heard of, be sure to do your research first. Check out the sites social media- active pages with plenty of reviews and feedback from customers is a good sign. Make sure they use a security certificate for processing payments, and that there's a phone number to contact the owners if any problems occur. If you're not sure stick to names that you know, or look for experts in their field such as EW Home Furniture and similar specialists. While these tips apply for buying online in general, it's all the more important to reinforce them with big-ticket items like furniture.

Have you had any disasters when ordering online?


  1. I always forget to check dimensions! You'd think that would be blatantly obvious but no... luckily my gambles have so far paid off!

    JaynieShannonx // Beauty, Lifestyle, Health.


    1. Thats so lucky, Ive had things turn up in the past where the dimensions have been soo wrong haha x