Five DIY Home Decor Ideas to Turn Your House into a Home

A house becomes a home only when you make the space your own. And when you build the things in your home with your own hands, it makes them even more special. Here are five home decor items that you can build yourself; not only will they make your house look amazing, but they will also help you connect with the space and turn it into a home.

1. A Blossoming Indoor Herb Garden

This is one of the most useful home decor projects you could start because you will have fresh herbs right there in your kitchen. All you need to make your very own herb garden is a few old jars, some potting soil, and seeds for the herbs you want to plant. You can pin the jars on a wooden shelf, or you can just place them next to the window in containers. Remember to make sure that your plants have enough light and don’t forget to water them periodically. You will have a blossoming herb garden in no time!

2. A Lottery Ticket Origami Masterpiece

If you get a kick out of playing the lottery, then it’s time to put those old tickets and scratch-offs to good use. These make excellent origami paper because of their texture and their eye-popping colours. This exquisite piece of origami artwork was made entirely with lottery tickets and it looks absolutely spectacular. If you are an origami newcomer, then you may want to try out simpler models before you start such a project as complex as this one. But the one thing that's for sure is that the final result will be well worth the effort you put in.

3. A Family Memories Corner

While this is one of the simplest projects on the list, it is also the most heartfelt. Aside from the pictures of you and your family, you could try out this memory box project because it's guaranteed to have a tremendous impact for years to come. All you need is a thick piece of paper or white cardboard, a watercolour kit, and a picture frame. Have all the members of the family paint their hands and then put their hand prints on the paper one by one. Start with the person with the largest hands and finish with the one with the smallest.

4. Butterfly Flock Wall Art

This is yet another ridiculously simple project you could try out, but the end result is really impressive. All you need to make your very own butterfly flock is coloured paper, a pair of scissors, and a strong adhesive solution. Choose the colour of the paper in contrast to the colour of the wall you want your butterflies on. Then fold the paper in two and draw the butterflies exactly as you want them to look. Remember to draw only half of the butterfly so that you get perfectly symmetrical ones in the end. The final step is gluing them onto the wall. Make sure you get an adhesive that is compatible with the structure of your walls so that your butterflies stay put for a long time. Perfect for a little girl or teens bedroom, or a smaller flock could even be used as a decorative accent elsewhere in the house. 

5. An Illuminated Photo Wall

If you are looking for an inventive way to display your photographs, then this art project may be the one for you. All you need to build it is white string lights, nails and a hammer, clothes pegs, and your photographs, of course. The first thing you need to do is figure out where and how you want the string lights to hang. Place them on the floor to find the ideal shape because this will help you get an idea of the best places for the nails you will have to put into the wall. Once the lights are up, all you have to do is secure each photo with a clothes peg. You are sure to love the final version of your luminous photo frame!

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