Squeeze Out The Last Drops of Summer by Enjoying Your Garden!

Many of us look forward to summer for months, but before we know it the warm weather has been and gone, and it’s time to head indoors and get cosy again. We might be due a few more weeks of sunshine here in the UK, but unless you get out there and make the most of it while you can it will quickly pass you by. No one wants to look back on the summer with regret! One of the ways you can make the most of the warm weather is by spending time in the garden, an area of the home that we can only truly enjoy at this time of the year. Here's how you can enjoy every moment. 

Throw a party
As soon as the summer sun rears its head, we all tend to embrace alfresco dining and drinking and invite friends and family over. What better way to go about it than to throw a party? You could keep it simple with food and drinks, or go vibrant with fancy dress or decorate your garden in a tropical theme to make your guests feel like they’re enjoying an exotic holiday abroad! Mix up some cocktails, fire up the music and hang out some outdoor lights for later. You could go for a simple buffet style selection of tapas dishes or picnic classics. You could get out the barbeque, or go with an afternoon tea. You could check out Oddbins champagne or prosecco if you want to make your afternoon tea sparkle! This is a particularly nice one for when you have the girls over, finger sandwiches and bite sized nibbles are elegant. Add mismatched china and cute cake stands to make it look pretty and rustic.

Spruce it up
If you’re one of those people who likes to retreat to the garden after a stressful day at work or you love sitting and listening to music and enjoying a cup of tea with the paper at the weekends, you want your garden to look nice and be a generally pleasing space to enjoy time in. Pull up any weeds that grow like crazy this time of year, and give your lawn a water- this heat wave has done a number on the grass in the UK so unless you have a hosepipe ban in your area, give it a much needed drink! Companies like Patio Mate offer patio heaters which are a great way to enjoy the evenings as well as into the autumn when the weather starts to cool. You could also look at options like chimineas and fire pits if you’re keen to enjoy your garden all year round. It’s also a good idea to stock up on rustic throws and blankets. If you’re worried about rain, consider additions like awnings and gazebos. 

Think about decor
We tend to embrace different styles indoors when the seasons change, and there’s no reason why you can’t adopt the same strategy outside. In the summer when it’s warm, you may opt for bright colours, light fabrics and floral displays and ornaments. When it’s cooler, channel that cosy vibe by adding textures like wool and faux fur to your seating area, using lanterns and lamps to light the space and choosing darker shades for accessories. Opt for rustic wooden planters filled with perennials rather than hanging baskets full of vibrant colours. If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look at Pinterest where there's plenty to see!

Summer is well underway, so if you have plans to enjoy your garden then make sure you get yourself out there before it's a distant memory!

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