Five Reasons Why Bulldogs Make Great Family Pets

Bringing a new furry friend into the home is an exciting new chapter for any family, but it's important to do your research into breeds first. You need a dog that's going to work with your current family dynamic, and there are a few traits which make some more suitable than others. Here are a five reasons why bulldogs are a great choice!

They don't need a lot of exercise
English Bulldogs don't require a lot of exercise, thus are a good choice for those who don't have the time or inclination for long morning walks with their pets. These dogs are actually couch potatoes that prefer sitting on the couch and relaxing over exerting themselves outdoors. They also love taking long naps, though they are known to snore rather loudly!

They're great watchdogs
These dogs are known to be tough and they protect their owners very well. This is because they actually have a very aggressive ancestry. Although they are much more docile compared to their ancestors, they can still do a lot of harm to intruders. They can usually take on opponents larger than them in size as long as they feel they're under threat. They also have a very loud bark; hence they make very good watchdogs. 

They're easy to live with
English bulldogs are largely docile around familiar faces and this makes them very good family dogs. They normally like having people around and mostly enjoy the company of children. They are very patient even when kids are playing with them, pulling ears and tails and the like. They are just content to lie around while the kids play with them. Additionally, they are also known to be couch potatoes, so they can reduce the loneliness if you are watching the television alone at night. Bulldogs are also known to be very calm when in the presence of other pets, like cats. The fact that the Bulldogs do not like moving around too much and prefer to lie down for most of the day, makes it difficult to annoy them even if a kitten in the house is playing around them. 

They're cute- in their own way!
Not everyone would consider the English bulldog technically handsome. However their owners and bulldog lovers find the dog’s wrinkles, saggy eyes and jowls to be just adorable. It's largely their look that has made the bulldog gain popularity around the world. This has even made the bulldog a preferred choice for A-list celebrities and people around the world. 

They're good with cats and other pets
Bulldogs aren't just good with children and people but also with other pets, like cats. Dogs are not normally very great friends with cats, but bulldogs do change this dynamic since they don't mind other animals being around them. This is aided by the lazy nature of the dogs, they don’t have a high prey drive- nor the energy to chase away the cat!

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  1. They are personally my favourite dogs, I never grew up with dogs we are cat people but everyone knows I love them. We have a lady down the street from us that has 2 and they just make my day every time I see them! Congrats on your new family member