Not Just a Blur: How To Actually Remember Your Wedding Day

Yes, yes, your wedding day is going to be one of the most important and special days of your life, isn’t it? But there’s a problem: you spend many, many months in the planning stages, it arrives, and then, after your honeymoon, you can barely remember a detail! This is an all too common problem for brides and grooms, one that is understandable given how manic wedding days usually are. However, there are ways to slow the day down and actually experience the moment, committing it to your long-term memory in the process. Here’s how. 

Don’t Leave Everything To The Last Minute
There are some things that you won’t be able to do until the day of the evening, but most details can be arranged beforehand. If you’re rushing around on the morning of the big day trying to organise a small detail, then you’re going to be so run ragged that it’ll be no surprise when the more important details of the day are absent from the memory bank. If you have a relatively clear schedule (OK, that’s pushing it: if you don’t have quite a jam-packed schedule), then everything will seem much more slowed down. 

Take a Few Moments
You’re going to be getting ready, then at the church, and then at the party, and then, poof, it’s over. While you’re going to be on a tight schedule, try to find the time to take a few moments, both by yourself and with your partner. When you’re at the party you’re going to be endlessly cornered by relatives and friends; so whenever possible, step outside and let the moment and the occasion sink in. Less rush, more memories, more enjoyment of the day.

Document It All
Spare a thought for couples in the olden days, who could only ever rely on their memories when they wanted to relive their big day. Today, that’s all changed. You can document each step of the process; when the memory of a detail is hazy, you can call upon the many photographs and videos of the wedding. Hire a wedding photographer to capture the scenes before, during, and after the ceremony, and also ask your guests to take as many photos as possible. Between the pro and your friends and family, you’ll have mountains of photos to pour over for years to come. 

Have an Organiser 
And talking of friends and family, why not rope one of them in to help keep the day flowing by? You’re going to have limited time as it is; you could do without looking at the schedule and figuring out where you need to be. Have an organiser who can say “go here now, go there after” will save some valuable minutes.

Limit The Bar Time
Finally, remember to keep the bar time to a minimum! You want to have a good time, but you also want to remember it all, so maybe keep those shots down to a respectable level. You’ll be grateful in the future, including the following morning! 

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