The Best Summer Weddings Are Mediterranean!

In general, the wedding season begins in late spring and continues until the early weeks of autumn, where the weather is still warm. In fact, if you’re planning a sunny, outdoorsy ceremony, you probably should be preparing for the summer months – however, plan early enough, so that guests with children can book their holidays accordingly. For summer weddings, there is no denying that the best theme is a Mediterranean party. So, if you’re in the process of planning your big day next year – or this year if you’re a last-minute kind of bride – here are some tips on a Med theme.

Why the Med? Because you’re a goddess
First of all, there is a sense of sun, warmth and generosity about the Mediterranean regions, which can give your party a relaxed and friendly ambience. But, more importantly, you can make the most of the goddess of all dresses, the Grecian gown without looking out of place. Grecian style dresses are flattering on most silhouettes, and the empire line can elongate you, giving you top model’s proportions. They’re also your best friend if your pre-wedding diet didn’t quite go as planned! There is a sense of natural – if not divine – elegance in the Grecian gown, which you can’t find in the typical bridal wear. Besides, you can trust the Mediterranean style to know how to handle the heatwave with grace!

Make the day meaningful and personal
Admittedly, going for a Mediterranean theme doesn’t mean you can’t keep things personal. Your theme will work best if you add personalised touches to the decor, the invitations or even the favours for your guests. Indeed, embracing all the flavours and traditions of the Mediterranean regions can be a little off-putting for your guests, especially if you have root in the Med. So, it’s important to add elements you like – from an olive branch to vibrant and sunny venue decor – without forcing it. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel as if they’ve been invited to a dressing up party.

Can you introduce travelling to the celebration?
As a rule of the thumb, you want to avoid as much as possible to organise your wedding abroad, especially if you want to invite a lot of guests. Most people find it impractical to travel to a wedding. But, nothing is stopping you from planning your Med styled honeymoon with the professional sailing services of a yacht charter Croatia based. A tour of some of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean Sea can be the perfect conclusion to your big day.

A buffet to die for
The main advantage of a Mediterranean party is that delicious buffets can be both healthy and exciting. You can welcome your guests with a lemon cocktail, which is both refreshing and a little naughty. There are plenty of options for vegetarians, meat-lovers and pescetarians, so it’s easy to please everyone without going through a lot of efforts. And you can conclude with lavender and honey flavoured dessert, which is a lighter option to the traditional tiered wedding cake.

In conclusion, if you’re dreaming of holidays, why not make it the theme of your wedding day? Sunny, healthy and beautiful, the Med has everything you need to make it an unforgettable day!

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