Excitement in the Emerald Isle: The Benefits of Touring Ireland

Ireland is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in Europe- home to magnificent scenic beaches, castles, cliffs, and of course Guinness. With several tourist attraction sites it's a dream tourist destination, and if you live in the UK it's only ever a short plane ride away. Just in case you need some convincing, here are five benefits of going to Ireland on a tour.

Music tradition
In Ireland, music tradition is still alive and kicking. Forget about the stage spectaculars and the new age mysticism. It's all about the local musicians who carry forward a live thriving traditional music. Irish music is beautiful, catchy and interesting- you'll sure to be tapping your feet regardless of what your usual music tastes are. Check out a company like https://www.goirishtours.com to find the best places to listen to live music and much more. 

Original Irish pubs
Irish pubs can be found almost everywhere from Ohio to outer Mongolia. But of course, in Ireland you're home to the originals. Guinness is one of the most recognisable Ireland export and is one of the best-selling beers in the world. If you're eager to know how and where the beer is made you can visit the brewery and take one or two bottles. Alternatively, you can drink one at any of the pubs in the country. 

Friendly people
Ireland is well known for its friendly locals. The Visitor’s Attitude Survey carried out by Failte shows that Irish people are friendlier and more hospitable, which makes it a wonderful place to visit. Chatting to the locals is always a good way to find out more about a destination, and what it's really like beyond the tourist traps.

Abundant prehistoric and early medieval sites
In Ireland, evidence of human activity can be traced back as far as around 10,500 BC, and Ireland has some spectacular prehistoric sites to visit. A good example is Mayo’s Ceide Fields, the largest Neolithic site in the world. Also, Ireland is the home to the oldest monasteries in the British Isles, and one of the most treasured medieval manuscripts in the world is kept in Trinity College in Dublin.

Dee-Lish food
In Ireland, there has been rapid evolution of the foodie scene in recent years. Chefs embrace the quality of local Irish produce and the dishes are hearty and wholesome. Restaurants and cafes in Ireland offer Irish food which seems to attract world-renowned culinary minds. It would be a bad idea to leave Ireland without trying their food- even if you only live a short distance away in the UK, there are enough differences to make a proper effort to try the cuisine.

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