Yacht Vs Catamaran: What's The Best Option When Sailing in Europe?

A catamaran is boat which is balanced on two hulls, with the sails in the middle- and chartering  one comes with many advantages. Due to the design you have more stability and speed compared with a yacht, plus they're comfortable, secure and can be an all-round better experience when compared to other boats. If this is something you're considering for your next holiday in Europe, here's what you need to know.

How long will you rent it for?
When chartering a catamaran you need to understand what your needs are. First, ask yourself how long you want to rent the catamaran charter for. If you're planning on making your trip an entire boating holiday, you'll need to rent it for the duration. If you only want to rent it for a few days, you'll need to organise hotel stay or other accommodation for the rest of the time. This will mainly come down to preferences and your budget.

Which company is best?
Before making your decision, you'll need to compare different charter providers. This is because company policies are all different, and some will be better suited to the kind of trip you want. Ensure that you're aware of exactly what the company is offering and what their policies about catamaran charters, are so that there are no surprises after you sign the contract. Also, you'll need to understand that what applies in one country may not apply in another, so if you have chartered a catamaran in other places outside of Europe before, things may be different from what you are used to.

Read the small print
It's important to conduct thorough research so you know what's at stake for you. If you're dealing with an online company, ask for all of their information and licenses to prove they're legit. You could be parting with quite a bit of money here, so you need to be sure. Read their company reviews or ask online for recommendation and reviews. It can be easy to fall for scams and hoaxes, especially if this is your first time chartering since you might not be sure how a company will deliver, even after doing a proper background check.

Bottom line
Chartering a catamaran is similar to chartering a yacht, but the experience you'll have while aboard will be different. The best thing to do before making a decision is to make sure that you have all the facts right and understand the company that you are renting from, so that you have an idea of what to expect from your rental experience. Be sure to do research on any company you choose and weigh your options before making a final decision.

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